Which cat breeds match your PURRsonality?

Which cat breeds match your PURRsonality? - Part 2.

There are just so many cat breeds out there - The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes as many as 58 breeds! Each of these breeds has unique behavioral traits that different people would relate to at a different level.  Keeping this in mind and to help anyone looking to adopt a little kitten, we’re listing out some individual profiles and the cat breeds that would be a purrfect match for them.

Cleanliness freak?

Love a clean house but also want to get a cat? Worried about a messy litterbox and fur all over? Well, there are a number of cat breeds that are both easy to potty train and shed less hair too. Take for example the Sphynx cat - it is considered to the one of the easiest to potty train and literally has little or no hair. 

The Japanese Bobtail also sheds very little hair and is smart, making it easy to train. Both of these cat breeds make for loving additions to your family that will also keep your home spick & span.

The quiet one.

Want to share your home with a cat that will share your love for peace & quiet? Well, there are numerous cat breeds you can choose from that will maintain the decorum of your home and also become loving, affectionate members of your family.  One of them is the Ragdoll – a rather unique looking cat that can be extremely quiet around the house. It will show its love for you without being vocal and won't disturb your sleep at night, making it a perfect cat breed for those who appreciate spending quiet, quality time with their pets. 

The one who loves other cats & dogs.

If you love cats & dogs, you are amazing. However, you might think that having them both under one roof or having many cats is a recipe for disaster. Well, think again, because there are many cat breeds that get along fine with dogs and other cats. Among them are the Birman and the Bombay cat. 

But beware; while the former can be a very friendly cat breed, the latter is known to be a little bossy with their K9 family members. Or maybe that’s just how cats are!

If you have allergies.

Sometimes, allergies can be a real hassle. This is especially so for people who love cats but are also allergic to them. They cannot express their fondness because they’ll start to sneeze or their skin will start to itch. However, there are a few cat breeds that cause fewer symptoms of allergy than others. For example, the Balinese cat – it produces less Fel D1 (the protein in cat’s saliva & skin that causes allergies in humans) therefore causing fewer reactions. The Sphynx is another cat breed that you could opt for as it does not have fur to lick and cause Fel D1 to build up.

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The curious case.

If in a horror movie, you’re the kind of person who moves toward a creepy sound in a lonely alley or opens the bedroom door after hearing mysterious sounds from within, then you need a cat who shares your sense of curiosity. In this regard, there’s no better cat breed than the Turkish Angora. This silky, medium-coat breed is extremely inquisitive, it will immediately swat at anything that moves or anything that catches its eye. In fact, if ever there was a breed that personified the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ it would be the Turkish Angora.

The funny bone.

There are some people who are funny even in the most serious of situations. If you’re one of them and are looking for a cat that matches your sense of humor, then you’re in luck. There are quite a few cat breeds that are extremely fun to have around. One of them is the Cornish Rex – it will act like a dog, spin round in circles chasing things and have 10 clumsy falls in a day. With a Cornish Rex around, you will have something to laugh at instead of always being the one with the jokes.

The mischief-maker.

Always up to no good and love it? Well, you’re not alone, in fact, some of the best people in the world are always thinking of ways to pull pranks or play tricks on their loved ones. And if you’re looking for a cat that shares your loves for shenanigans, then the Bengal Cat is the breed for you. These cats are known to open up drawers when you’re not around and do things you’ve told them not to, especially when you’re not looking. They’ll even swat at you at night and disappear before you can figure out what happened.

The playful one.

If you love fun and games, you won’t need much to keep yourself entertained. Even the smallest things seem like avenues for amusement. However, sometimes, having some company goes a long way in adding to the excitement and you’ll find all the camaraderie you need in the form of a Manx Cat. These cute little kitties love chasing toys, pouncing on anything that moves and swatting away at their parents. So, if you’re a fun loving person, you’ll have a ball of a time with a Manx.

Regardless of your choice of cat breed, we at CatCurio have all the products you’ll need to make them feel at home. We hope this has been helpful to find the perfect kitty for your home.

Which cat breed is your favorite? Please share your comments below.

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