Which cat breeds match your PURRsonality?

Which cat breeds match your PURRsonality?

Being a cat parent is much more than just bringing home a cat and caring for it. Rather, it involves having a pet that you can understand and that also understands you. This is why your choice of cat breed is extremely important as each breed has their own personality and is suited for a certain type of person. Keeping this in mind, the following article will highlight 5 human personalities and the cat breeds that are best suited for them – hopefully, it will help you choose the right cat companion for your lifestyle!

1. The social butterfly.

If you’re outgoing and love to socialize, it makes sense to have a likeminded cat. You could consider breeds such as the Maine Coon or the Abyssinian. Coons are a very friendly cat breed and get along great with new people, children and even other pets. Abyssinians are extremely intelligent, inquisitive cats and love interacting with people. They can play with their toys for hours, always in motion, has a love of heights - making them endlessly entertaining.

2. Active & athletic.

If you’re an athlete or keep very active during the day, you could consider breeds such as the Egyptian Mau or the Turkish Van. The Mau is considered to be the athlete of the cat world and can clock speeds up to 30 mph. You can also coach a Mau as they are easy to train. 

Coming to the Turkish Van - they are also known to be agile and are great swimmers. Vans are also deceptively strong!


3. The affectionate kind.

If you’re an affectionate person who loves hugs and cuddles, you need to get a cat breed that shares the same levels of affection. In this regard, the Scottish Fold is a good choice. This breed of cat is very loving and will follow their hooman parents around wherever they go. Not to mention, they just love to cuddle!

4. The couch potato.

If you can think of nothing better than to while away your Sunday, snacking your way through a marathon of TV episodes and moving only to get something to drink, then you, my friend, are a couch potato. There’s no shame in it – but if you are thinking of getting a cat, you need to look for one that shares your laidback attitude. In this regard, the Persian cats probably your best option.  These cute fur balls love lounging around the house. They can spend their entire day chilling out or sleeping!

5. The busy bee.

Life has become so fast-paced that it’s hard to find the time to even think on some days! However, if you still feel like you can parent a cat, you are a brave soul. But it makes sense to look for a breed that doesn’t require your undivided attention throughout the day. Something the British Shorthair is known for. These cats are very friendly yet don’t mind being alone. They require very little grooming, which is just puurfect for busy individuals!

We hope this article will help you choose the right cat breed and help you find the perfect cat companion for your home. And regardless of the breed you choose, we have a cat-alogue of products that are suited for every type of kitty out there. So remember to have a look!

Good luck and have a PAWSOME day ahead!

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