While at an animal shelter, what did your pet do that caused you to adopt him/her?

While at an animal shelter, what did your pet do that caused you to adopt him/her?

This is what we asked a few cat parents after wondering how they were able to single out their kitty from so many other cats at the shelter. Their answers were nothing short of amazing, and it brought out some touching stories too, all we had to was sit back and feel all mushy – like when you ask a couple how they first met. Let’s have a look at some of the most common responses.

1. Just the way they looked!

For some cat parents, just the way their kitty looked was enough. They were able to confidently say “this is the cat we want to bring into our family” just by the kitty’s appearance. One of the families we spoke to had their 3-year-old daughter, Sarah, along with when they visited the animal shelter to adopt their cat. They recalled how it took no more than 10 mins for Sarah to point out a cute little white fur ball in the corner of the room. And today, Jenny, their 3-year-old Siamese cat, is an inseparable part of the family.

2. Sitting or sleeping positions.

Most cats have a similar sitting position. They tuck their cute little paws under their body, making them look like they have no paws at all. This in itself is amazingly cute and had a few parents sold. However, one cat parent, Doug, recalled how he noticed a cat sitting in the most laid back positions ever! It looked like this cat was on a couch, eating pizza and watching the game - it was a spitting image of how Doug spent his Sunday afternoons. At that very moment, Doug knew that they’d make a great team and now his cat ‘Bones’ has his spot reserved on the couch! 

3. The way they behaved when they met.

For some cat parents, it was a collection of cute things a cat did that won their heart. Many cat owners recalled how a cat walked up to them, rubbed its heads on them, purred and rolled onto it bellies when they were at the animal shelter. Some vividly remember how their cat followed them around wrapped its tail around them, after which they knew it was the kitty for them!

4. A combination of all of these.

For some, it was everything a cat did that won their hearts. From the way, the kitty looked to the way it sat to the things it did while they were at the animal shelter. For such parents, choosing one cat over all the others might have been difficult, but they walked away knowing they had just added another member to their family and it made them feel right in every way.

These were some of the things that made cat parents choose one cat over the many cats at a shelter. However, if you are planning to adopt, you should know that it a very subjective and personal decision and if you are ever confused, just listen to what your heart says – you will end up making the right decision. And before you visit the shelter, you could go through the thousands of cat products on our website that could help make your kitty feel more comfortable during the first few days in his/her new home. 

Good luck and have a pawsome day ahead!


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