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Rotating Wheel Cat Treat Dispenser

Rotating Wheel Cat Treat Dispenser

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1.Rotating wheel design-The new and original wheel design allows cats and dogs to rotate 360° vertically to the wheel by pressing the button while playing, which brings more fun to cats.
Design with powerful suction cups-The design of powerful suction cups allows the product to be adsorbed on any surface, doors, windows and walls, and can be absorbed vertically or horizontally. So that the product can be used in a wider range of spaces and scenes.
2.Help pets become smarter-this is a multifunctional cat food leakage toy. Remove the soft rubber plug on the top and put it directly into cat food or snacks. The cat can rotate the toy by tapping it. The toy will increase the cat's IQ, reduce cat's anxiety, and keep the cat healthy while playing.
3.Reduce anxiety-multiple cats can use the toy together to increase the happiness of the cat and reduce the daily anxiety when the cat is bored, so that the cat no longer has the habit of destroying household furniture, clothes, etc.
4.Durable and easy to use-the product is made of environmentally friendly, healthy ABS, stable and durable. Will not be broken by cats, easy to use, and can be used for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Peter Littel
United States

Very good product I just received it arrived sooner than expected. My cats don't pay much attention to him because they're always full but it's an external problem to the product haha it's entertaining to play with them with this product. My cats show curious with the. Excellent 10/10 Very good product you can see the quality. Shipping time was earlier than expected which is excellent.

Kamille Schumm

My kitten loves playing with this toy.!! Wonderful product.

Tyra Kunde

My big cats are obsessed with this! Great item for when we are away for periods of time! Keeps them busy!

Cyrus Kris

Excellent pet product. Although my cats are less interested in this one, the toys are very well done to attract their curiosity, and they are solid. When the seller you can trust him, he will do everything to help you and satisfy you. I had a small hole problem on the small yellow ball, and the seller immediately answered me and send back another small yellow ball. I had already made purchases at this seller for other items, and I do not regret at all, on the contrary. Whether for the items or for this extremely friendly seller, I am very satisfied and can recommend you to make your purchases at home, I can assure you that you will not regret it. Very good day to all.

Madelyn Cruickshank

Cool toy!! Works as intended, but my cat is too lazy to pat it with it’s paw lmao. She just sits next to it and waits for me to spin it for her.