Cat Litter Deodorant Beads with Four Different Flavors Scent
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Cat Litter Deodorant Beads

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Remove lingering cat litter smells with a sprinkle of these Cat Deodorant beads! Essential for all cat parents! 

Color: Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow,
Fragrance: Rose, Lavender, Apple, Lemon
Material: Silica Gel, Sepiolite, Activated Carbon, Plant Extract Essence
Suitable For: Cats, Kittens
Package: 45ml x cat litter deodorant beads


* This product is one-of-a-kind and will awe any guests, especially cat parents at its ability to eliminate lingering cat box odor problems from your home! Also, one of the best gifts you can give to a cat parent!

Made of high-quality activated carbon material, 360-degree adsorption of odor factor, solve the odor problem of the root, and smell more lasting.

* Physical adsorption and deodorization, not for eating but to add beads to the litter box. 

* Suitable for all types of cat litter or litter box to improve the cat and the environment in which you live.

* Usage: each time pour one, the effect can last for 2-3 days. Add deodorized beads and mix with a cat litter shovel, generally 4-6 hours after the effect is remarkable.

* Tip: Every time you clean the stool, you can add 1-2 caps of deodorant beads to the litter box according to the smell.


4 Fragrances Cat Litter Deodorant Beads Odor Activated Carbon Absorbs Pet Removaling Excrement Stink Deodorizing Cleaning Supplies Odor Eliminator.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Nelle Bahringer

Everything is good, tried and tested! Thank you for adding this to your collection - much needed!

Brandi Casper
United States

10/10 will buy again one day. The litter, whether scooped daily or even minutes after the cat would take a dump would leave you wishing you'd smelled a dumpster on a hot Florida summer day. Obviously, I searched around for anything and everything that would help. Needless to say, I found this and decided to give it a try.

For regular house cats, ones that can take care of themselves, it works even better. But for me, it made the difference between feeling like gagging upon liter duty and actually being able to scoop the litterbox without my eyes watering.

10/10 would buy again for the next cat I have!

Joanie Marvin

The smell of green apples is so good. And I love the size of the bottles. Very easy to store and guests are pleasantly surprised!

Jovanny Stokes

The smell of lavender is great!! and i love how you protected the package so it doesn't break in international shipping. Thanks for the free shipping!

Katlynn D'Amore
United States

I mean, you just need to get this, or else you're going to really resent your cat for it needing a litter box, and then you'll need to get therapy together to work through your resentment. It's just cheaper to get this stuff.