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Non-Toxic Paw Print Inkless Ink Pad Kit
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Non-toxic Kitten Paw Prints Inkless Kit

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1. Great commemorative gifts for cat parents to record their kittens's growth

2. Material: high-tech, anti-cross , disposable pad

3. Kitten paws don't need to contact the ink and can obtain clear footprint, without any security risks

4. No pollution; use special production process, leaving clear, real and long-term preservation


1. Item: Kitten Paws Makers

2. Size:Within the frame size 9.5*5.7cm or 3.5"x 2.5"

overall size 12.5*8cm or 4.92" x  3.15"

3. Material:Stamp-pad ink

4. Color:6 Colors Available

5. Quantity:1 printing oil + 2 sheets of paper

Package Included:

1*printing oil

2 sheets of paper

Designed By CatCurio 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lorenzo Kshlerin
United States

had been looking for an easier way to get my cat's paw prints and this Inkpad is perfect for that purpose. This particular product is larger than most I’ve come across, which made it fit my cat's paws much better. Also, I was able to use the pad numerous times, as it’s difficult to get cats to cooperate some times. I probably could use it a few more times without a problem. I highly recommend CatCurio !!

Buddy Grady

It came out pretty good! I had enough ink for 2 paws. I read the prior reviews that the ink pad wasn’t enough for multiple stamps, so I planned ahead a little and used the top half for one and the bottom half for the other. A little pre-planning helped as I taped the ink pad to the edge of paper so it didn’t slide. Will order again!!!

Yoshiko Lesch
United Kingdom

Arrived quickly. Worked as it should. If you mess up there is enough ink to flip the paper over and try again if you press down hard. I highly recommend CatCurio!!!

Eusebio Blick

Super simple to use and it worked great! Got the best print. I was able to get 3 good prints from it before the dog had enough. going to buy more and try to get a nose print too. Thank you CatCurio pet store!!!

Jillian O'Reilly

This was perfect for what I needed. The pad was large enough. I was able to do all for cats paws with the one pad. CatCurio pet store is the best. I had an amazing shopping experience with them.