Heart Charm Bell,  Cats Saftey Elastic Collar Adjustable Velvet
Heart charm and bell cat collar safety
Heart Charm and Bell Cat Collar with Soft Velvet Material
Pet Collar Heart Charm and Bell Cat Collar
Cute Crystal Elastic Dog Collar Velvet Bell Heart Shape Pet Necklacce
Heart Charm And Bell Cat Collar Safety Elastic Adjustable With Soft Velvet Material
Soft Velvet Heart Charm and Bell Pet Product Cat Dog Collar
Lovely Heart And Bell Cat Collar
Rhinestones Heart Cat Collar
Cat Collar with Bell, Soft Rubber Heart Shape

Heart Charm & Bell Elastic Collar

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The elastic bell and jewel charm cat collar is simple, stylish, and beautiful. This collar has a 100% high-quality soft velvet material, making it fit better for your beloved dog during walks or sports! Also, the anti-slip bell is added especially for the safety of the dog, preventing the dog from running away from its master. The easy quick-release buckle makes it easier for you to take off the pet's collar. It is a good gift for all Pet Parents!
• Material: velvet material
• Feature: Bells, Jeweled, Safety Elastic Quick release
• Decoration: Rivet, Charm heart
• Material: soft velvet material
• Color: Pink/Blue/Red/Black
Designed By CatCurio

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lori Blanda
New Zealand

Beautiful collar. Waiting for delivery was not very long ~ weeks 3. had a ball ringing unfasten-the cat tried to play with him all the time.

Lila Lind

Very nice

Rita Volkman

The collar is very beautiful and durable, as it is already the second order. From the previous year, socks even pebbles with a heart did not fall off. Cat quickly gets used to it.

Lillian Russel

Very nice though the fish seem a little big to me

Madge Denesik
United Kingdom

Amazing and good quality, fast delivery, thank you . Thanks Amazing, thanks, highly recommended!