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Filter Deodorant For Cat Litter Box

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1. Cat Litter Filter: Let your litter box smell like new again, solve the bad smell problem of the garbage can. Remove the odor, keep a fresh and clean smell, and keep your pet healthy and moody. Let your pet live a happy life.
2. Strong Adsorption Function: Made of activated carbon. Adopt high-molecular bonding materials to attach high-quality powdered catalytic activated carbon to the foaming carrier. High carbon content and good adsorption performance.
3. Safe Material: Activated carbon is non-toxic and natural, which can absorb and filter odor for a long time. It is disposable, so please do not rinse.
4. Easy to Install: Place it in the vent of the litter box, the filter has a strong absorption effect so that the trash can keep fresh and provide a fresh smell.
5. Dimensions (Approx.): 15.5 * 16.5cm. Thickness: 1cm. Can be cut, suitable for most litter bowls.

Material: activated carbon fiber
Specifications: 4pc, 6pc
Size: 15.5*16.5cm/6.1*6.5in, Thickness: 1cm/0.39in
Weight: single piece 16g, 4 pieces: 75g, 6 pieces: 120g


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Abe Torp

Absolutely love them, they fit great in both litter box lids with alittle trimming. Will definitely be ordering again!

Joana Will
United States

These arrived quickly and we were happy to see they can be custom fit to size for our litterbox lid.
We can also use them for our trash can to deodorize.

Hubert Toy

I use these with my cat's Natures Miracle litter box. I cut these filters to size & put them in the filter holder on the top of the litter box to help control any odors. They work great! I would buy them again & I would recommend them to others!

Allene Armstrong

These filters fit my Catit Jumbo Hooded litter box almost perfectly. They are the same thickness as the brand made especially for this box, look identical in appearance and these come with a much lower price tag. I only had to round off the corners with scissors and cut a very thin strip off the end to make it the perfect size for this box. It's very easy to cut. Glad I tried these because I have 3 jumbo litter boxes to keep supplied with filters. The filters do an amazing job of helping to reduce odor so I make sure I never run out. Glad I tried these and will continue ordering as needed.

Aurelia McDermott

These are, from my experience, better than some of the other filters I have used. They last longer (I'm not even on my 2nd filter yet), and keep the freshness in AND out of the litterbox. I don't smell a thing from the outside of my cat's enclosed box.