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Cute Cat Ears Hair-Drying Towel Bath Cap

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Cute cat bath accessories are the best and it's even better when they're practical too.  Hair dryers can be very useful, but they can also damage your hair, so it's best to let your hair dry natural as much as you can.

This cute cat ears hair-drying towel bath cap is the perfect way to dry your hair quickly but gently and what's more it looks great as a piece of decor in your bathroom and when it's on your head.  It's fun for children too.

Material: Coral velvet - One size fits all - Adjustable!
10.62"*9.05" / 27*23cm

Designed By CatCurio

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Alva Huel
United States

If you are looking to buy something cute and comfortable at the same time then this is the product for you. It is super cute and adorable!! I am glad I discovered Catcurio pet store. Thank you Catcurio pet store I will be shopping again very soon.