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Sisal Rope Cat Scratch Cactus Shape Tree Cat Climbing Scratching Post Interactive
 Cat Scratching Post Anti-bite Climbing Tree Large Sturdy post
High Sisal Cactus Cat Tree Large Kitten Climbing Scratching Post Claw Scratcher

Cat Scratcher Cactus Tree

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Material: Wood
Color: Green/Coffee
Height: 53cm/68.5cm
Shape: cactus

  • A variety of features: luxury cat climbing frame for your cat, play, platform and grab a board

  • Cat furniture, exquisite materials, solid workmanship, simple and durable, calm color, and elegant atmosphere

  • Made of wild sisal and High-quality plastic tube, it is solid and solid. Simple and elegant, and environmentally friendly

  • Do not use water for long-term cleaning when cleaning, otherwise, it will affect the use of a cat climbing frame.

  • Cactus shape, offer funny shape for cat playing

Designed By CatCurio

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kaitlin Casper

This is a great product especially for the price. It takes about a minute to put it together and immediately our cats were interested and scratching. It looks really cute and a lot better than a typical scratching post. Definitely recommend. Than you CatCurio pet store for this amazing product.

Jakayla Langosh

Surpassed my expectations... my monster truck cat crawled in the box and immediately started scratching at the post. Got him to stop chewing up the wicker furniture in the house. He's pretty strong, and hasn't tipped the thing over yet, but as he gets bigger I feel like it won't be strong enough to rebuttal the crazy cat torque. I like how the arms of the cactus are a softer material than the posts, very huggable. Great idea, had no idea my cat needed a cactus in its life. Thank you CatCurio!!!

Elvera Klocko

Amazing product!! I have two cats and both of them are in love with this one. It is worth buying. I am definitely going to spread the word that CatCurio pet store is best when it comes about the services and products