Why won't my cat play anymore?

Why won't my cat play anymore?

“C’mon, catch this ball now…” 

“This way… over here, come to me, see here, see this”

 Are none of your screams or pleads reaching your cat’s ears? Are you wondering why your kitten or cat is not playing with you anymore?

 You may have noticed that your cat is not interested in toys too. Relax… this is not something alarming to be worried about. It is something that any cat-owner duo will come across. If your cat is usually playful and suddenly stopped playing it could be one of the following reasons


Not playing anymore, for a playful cat is a possible indication of bad health. It may be a leading cue to identify any illness she may be silently suffering from.

 So, it is highly recommended to book an appointment with your vet at the earliest, to make sure that she is treated for her ailment immediately. That way it will also be reassuring for us to keep her more active.


Cats get stressed out due to environmental changes. It could be as simple as moving the position of your table to a guest you invited for a stay. They may not be accommodative of new things very easily.

 Our puffy friends are sensitive to their surroundings. So, give her some time to get accustomed to the new changes. Typically, she must be able to get used to it in a few days or in a week. So, wait, give her some time and relax :D


If you have adopted a cat, due to a change of atmosphere they may be fearful of new things. Sometimes, it could be because of their childhood as a kitten. They might not have socialized much. This is why they are apprehensive to open up and start playing.

 Now, you must focus on giving her more attention and care. Do not try to pressure her or force her into playing or being active. Just let her know and feel that she is in safe hands. Automatically, she will let go of her fear and come to you, as your dear pet.


Being a new owner, you need to explore and study what your cat likes to play with. Just so you know, like we girls, cats are also picky…! :D This may also happen for cats that are used to a certain playstyle too.

 As we universally know, “Change is the only constant”. So, watch out for the changes in her preferences and try to understand what she (your cat... Hehe…) wants, choose wisely.

Cats tend to change their playstyle as they grow. Or it could be that they got bored due to the monotonous play routine. Look for some toys that move in an interesting way to grab their attention and build curiosity.

For a complete guide to choosing the best toys, check out this blog and you can also browse toys of your choice from our store, right here

Have a Happy catty playtime ahead…kudos…😊


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