How to choose the best cat toys? Top 6 picks from us...

How to choose the best cat toys? Top 6 picks from us...

Are you a beginner at cat-ying? Are you looking for the best options to engage your bored cat? Want to satisfy your finicky cat to play? Want help to build a DIY scratch post? Confused about how to choose the best toy for your cat?

Cheers…you are on the right page… I mean… literally :D. So, here I will be helping you in exploring and identifying the best toy for your cat. But before we get started, you need to be aware of your pet.

The first step in choosing the best out of the lot is to understand her well.

Identify the emotion that pricks her urge to play, from the various options that are presented in the next two sections. This will help you pick the best one that suits her, right away. 😊

But why should you give her quality playtime?

Scientific researches have proved that it is essential for cats and kittens to have quality playtime to keep them healthy, help them stay amused, maintain their animal instincts alive, keep them active and increase their longevity!


Scratching your head to de-stress your cat? 

Wait, let your cat do the scratching now! but how? Click the pic, choose the color thread that attracts your kitty and wrap it around your scratching post. You will then see her scratch it, like these green-lovers... :D

DIY Sisal Rope for Cats Scratching Post

But, if your scratching post is the table legs or any furniture at your home, we recommend you to go with this.

3M Sisal Rope DIY Scratching Posts

It is tailor-made for the thick legs of your DIY scratching board/post. Click on the image to learn more about it.


Try one from our irresistibly cute cat toys. They are too pretty to say “No” to your kitty!

1. Cozy Cat Tunnels

Play “hide and seek” with your cats using our cozy cat tunnels. It is a perfect hideout for your cats. In fact, the best way to get your cat out of the bag… Hehe… 

2-in-1 Funny Christmas Pant Design Tunnel Kitten Toy

2. Mice and Animal Toys 

Toys that mimic a “prey”. This is known to often exhilarate the “hunting” spirit in her. Choose one from the interesting animal-like toys we offer, only for your cat.

3. Feather and Rope Cat Toys 

Any “flying” object will stimulate her curiosity. You can easily engage her in these space-saving cute toys.

4. Cat Balls

You can also opt for teaser balls. Choose from the color options we have.

5. Catnip

Anything that smells different will attract your cat. So, try some catnip toys to lure her.

For those of you who don't know what it is, 'Catnip' is a plant from the mint family that is known to target “happy” receptors of your cat’s brain.

Get it from us right here! Sprinkle some in a bag and fill it with toys. It mostly works. Do not worry, it is not harmful because we offer only organic mints :)

Catnip Toys

Oh, wait. If you are too busy, you can buy catnip toys from us. YESS… we offer toys readily infused with catnip, in safe proportion for your favorite cat. Just like this

6. Other interesting options

Toys that move differently will excite her. In fact, she can go nuts chasing the laser balls in dark. Go ahead and pick a smart toy for your smart cat, from us!


A PRO TIP: Do not forget to replace her toys at certain intervals, like once in two weeks or so. Coz, that will keep your bored cat in thrill.

I now hope that you have decoded the trick into getting her play. Yay! It's playtime now… so pull up your sleeves and join enjoy the catty games!

For more exciting cat toys collection visit out our page :D


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