Top 5 Cat Breeds With Longest Life Span

Top 5 Cat Breeds With Longest Life Span

Congrats on deciding to home a new meowy friend! Now that you have decided to adopt a cat, here are the top 5 cat breeds that have the longest lifespan. You can pick one as per your choice so that your cat-company will stay longer. :)

1. Siamese

This Thailand origin cat is known to last on an average of 15 years. This has kept cat lovers on the go for centuries with its beautiful markings and captive voice.

2. Balinese 


A mutation of the Siamese type, the average lifespan of this breed is around 12-22 years. Balinese owners define her as affectionate, active, chatty, intelligent, and so on.

3. Burmese  

By birth it is a cross between the brown cat of Burma and Siamese, this is a social, playful, and zealous feline. Ideally with a lifespan of 16-25 years.

4. Ragdoll

Apparently a new cat breed, this is an easy-going pet and limps when you try to pick her up, just like the ragdoll. That is why she is called one! On average, she can live for 15-25 years.

5. Russian blue

As the name suggests, their origin is from Russia and they are known for their cute features. Although reserved they can be your most affectionate pets. They typically span from 10-20 years.
Although I have enlisted 5 cat breeds for you, any cat can live longer with proper diet, maintenance, care, and Love! So, you can very well choose any cat breed, but make sure to meet these routine requirements to help her stay long.
For further details on planning her diet, you can visit this blog. Also, as a cat company, we can give your cat a company at par with her expectations. So, check out our cat toys here!

All the best for your cat hunt… sorry catying (cat + buying) …! Cheers to all the cat-mom-to-be ^^ (No offense, dads are also in) :D


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