How to decide and switch cat food from wet to dry and vice versa?

How to decide and switch cat food from wet to dry and vice versa?

Cat foods can be broadly classified into three, based on the amount of moisture content:

  • Dry food – Less than 14% 
  • Wet food – Greater than 60%
  • Semi-Moist – In between 14-59% 

 After seeing the pros and cons of both the types of food in the previous post, it is widely recommended to give a blended/mixed diet that comprises both types.

According to expert veterinarians, whatever diet it is, it should be a balanced, nutritional diet that gives the necessary vitamins and minerals for your cat.

Quickly to help you decide on this, let us see the following roadmap to it

  1. Stage of your indoor cat – If yours is a Kitten, Adult, or Senior cat, its nutritional needs vary accordingly
  2. Any specific health conditions – If she is recovering from any health issue, that will also call for a special diet plan
  3. Budget – Of course your pocket size will affect the investment and its result. But no offense, not all expensive ones make miracles, and cheap ones cost a life. Never that is the case
  4. Vet’s advice – This is the best way to get your personalized diet chart that balances her nutrient intake

Tricking your cat during Transition

For transitioning completely from one food style to another, in a week, you may choose to follow the below plan

Day 1: Old food = 100%

Day 2: Old food = 80% + New food = 20%

Day 3: Old food = 60% + New food = 40%

Day 4: Old food = 50% + New food =50%

Day 5: Old food = 30% + New food =70%

Day 6: Old food = 10% + New food = 90%

Day 7: New food = 100%

In the above, old and new food is Wet and dry food interchangeably.

 If you have decided on the right blend of both foods, feeding a combined diet is a challenge. Yet, based on the percentage of the new food you wish to include, you can choose to stop on one of the above days.

Other Tricky Hacks for Picky Cats

# You can add her favorite flavors to the new food. If you are lucky, you may find a readymade option in that flavor. This will lure her to the new food coz of the familiar smell.

# You can mix the old and new food together in a bowl and feed her. It is cheating on her to eat new food.

This is by far an organic process and a trial-and-error-based smooth transition from wet to dry food or vice versa!


Because only you (the cat owner) know that your cat is not the same “cat” I am talking about here… He he…:D All pets are different and there is no one purrfect diet for all cats.

So, find yours and feed her :) 


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