How soon will cats take over the world?

How soon will cats take over the world?

The dog has been human’s most favourite animal throughout documented history. However, the world of the internet has clearly been dominated by felines. While their legendary status was never doubted, the internet has taken to cats like millennials to memes. Today, the virtual world is uncomfortably close to the real one. And cats are the undisputed leaders of the internet. Back in 2015, there were over 2 million cat videos on Youtube alone. Urban legend says that every time a cat parent opens a treat packet, a cat video is uploaded to the internet.

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The small kitty of the House Feline is the Khaleesi of Instagram, the mother of amateur Youtubers, and the queen of viral memes.

How long till cats take over the world?

According to reliable sources, along with the internet and our hearts, cats have already taken control of some parts of the world. The conspiracy theory about cats trying to take over the world may not be a theory at all.

It is all very, very, VERY real!

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 Let us look at the places on earth occupied by the cat army.

Aoshima Island, Japan

In this cat occupied island of Japan, cats outnumber humans by an overwhelming ratio of 10:1. The felines were first introduced here to deal with the menace of rodents. However, the cat empire decided that this was a favoured location to expand the colony. They settled here and have flourished over the years, so much so, that now tourists obsessed with cats flock to this island for a private rendezvous with felines.

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Torre Argentina, Rome

In the heart of Rome, Torre Argentina is strewn with ancient Roman history. Not a stranger to politics, it once housed the ancient theatre of Pompey and Julius Caesar’s assassination site. No wonder that the feline empire decided to take over this ancient seat of Roman power and make a sanctuary of its own, where almost 150 cats freely roam through the open space and are cared for by human slaves.

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Tashirojima Island, Japan

The picture-perfect island in the west coast of Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan is often referred to as Cat Heaven Island. Another fishing village like Aoshima, the cat population here too, was introduced to control rodent infestation. From the 17th to 19th century, the island was an important site for silk and fish farming. However, from the 20th century onwards, the business shifted elsewhere but the cats did not. They decided to stay back and make the island their forever home and the fishing folk did not mind. A cat shrine, also known as Neko-jinja, and 51 odd cat monuments bear testimony to human fealty towards the mighty felines.

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Mykonos, Greece

The small picturesque island town of Greece is home to overwhelmingly large number of stray cats. Because, a cat takes no owners. Just like Tashirojima, the felines here are cared for by the island dwellers. Their human subordinates have also set up a charitable body in 2005, Mykonos Animal Welfare, to feed and care for the cats.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Felines seem to have an interest in places that have birthed the biggest human empires. Anybody who has visited Turkey has noticed the cat population on the streets of Istanbul. It has been the subject of documentaries and numerous web articles. The cats love loitering in the cobbled streets of Istanbul, and they get an equal measure of love from the human natives. The Economist commented that the street cats hold Istanbul’s soul. One could even say that Istanbul is the capital city of the cat empire.

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Malamocco, Venice

Located in Venice, Italy, Malamocco hosts a cat sanctuary which is a great attraction for cat-loving tourists. The residents with some help from the government, care for around 200 feline natives that have been part of the island village through generations. The Venetian cats also find a mention in the Shakespearean play, Merchant of Venice.

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Houtong, Taiwan

Home to around 286 cats, Houtong in Taiwan, Taipei, shot to internet glory when its cat population took over the internet. Soon, tourists were flocking to the small cat village in the hope of some cat cuddles and purrs and its furry natives don’t mind. When the cat empire sets its sight on a place, it also has plans for survival, expansion and even rewards for the human locals. The thriving cat tourism now also helps sustain the economy of the town and the cats are cared for by the local government and groups of volunteers.

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Kalkan, Turkey

Situated on the Mediterranean Coast, this beautiful town has an organization, namely KAPSA, to care for and nurture its cat population. The cats here… well, they spend their days napping in hammocks, porch, kitty baskets and pretty much nap all the time. They have tourists flying in to click a selfie with a Kalkan cat and an army of humans safe-guarding their rights to eat and to nap. These Turkish kitty cats are enjoying the purrfect beach life while plotting human subjugation.

source: KAPSA

 These are only some of the well-documented cat occupations of the world. We suspect that there are many such cat colonies unknown to netizens. Cats have already taken over parts of Europe, Central Asia, East & South-East Asia. It won’t be too long until they take over the world. Get your cat bowls now, hoomans!


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