A Guide for the New Cat Owners

A Guide for the New Cat Owners

Happy to welcome you to the kitty-catty family! Now that you have got your favorite fur-ball, I mean your cat, (you’ll get used to these cat puns slowly) let’s look at the knacks of cattying (cat parenting) …. :)

Build your cat chemistry

The foremost thing is to get used to the cat so that both you and your kitty are comfortable with each other. The bond starts from naming her to cuddling her and then playing with her. Spend more time with her and slowly, she will feel safe and secure around you. She will quickly start bonding with you.

Feed your Feline

You must give the correct diet and cat food to your kitty. Remember that her lifespan and health greatly depend on the intake. Check this out to know more about the best cat food for your pet cat.

Groom your kitten

Maintaining your cat is very important so that you can allow her to touch and lick you. So, get ready to bathe her, keep the litter boxes for her and clean them regularly. You may also need grooming supplies like a comb.

Make your home cattier

As a new member of your family, she needs love, respect (although it may not always be mutual... haha…), and space. Even if it’s little, she needs her space. Set up her cozy bed, a scratching post, and a play area (which she may not limit herself to). And don’t forget to devote a part of your cupboard to fill it with her toys, catnip, and other cat things!

Yay…. You may be surprised to find this, but your kitty is going to demand more physical space than you think she would. 

Enjoy outdoors

Cats need to exercise and play well for a long and healthy life. So, remember to take her with you for a small walk outdoors. She is fond of sunlight and interesting new things. As we all know very well, curiosity kills a cat. She will enjoy the change of environment.

Visit the vet

Yeah, you may have to set aside a date in your calendar regularly to take her to the vet. Vets will be your ultimate destination if you find anything wrong with her. So, choose your vet wisely and plan your first vet visit. You can follow this guide for it.

BONUS: Here’s a quick checklist of the things you may need to home your new cat

So, get ready to turn all catty now! 😊


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