How to prepare your kitten for the vet?

How to prepare your kitten for the vet?

Great job! Now that you have adopted a kitten, you are on the right page to learn more about keeping it healthy by visiting a vet. Here are the steps to prepare your kitty for her first visit to the vet.

1. Purchase a cat carrier

This is the first thing you need to transport your cat safely. There are different varieties of cat carriers that come in the form of baskets and bags. Choose the one that is comfortable for you and your kitty.

2. Train your puffy for comfy carrier experience

Train her for a few days with the carrier to make sure she doesn’t feel scared or imprisoned while you cage her inside this during your vet visit. You can keep this in an open place and as usual, your favorite fur-ball will be curious to know what it is.
You can attract her to it by using catnips or keeping her favorite toys or food inside the carrier. You can also set up a comfy bed or cushion for her to roll on. When she voluntarily finds it interesting and enters, close the shutter and try to keep her inside for a few minutes. Beware, she may attack you out of shock, so take it slowly.

Once she is completely familiar with this carrier environment and can hold in it for longer, it's time to practice with the next thing!

3. Make her car-friendly

Some kittens may suffer car sickness while some may enjoy it. Initially, most kittens resist traveling in a car. But if you make her first ride fun and colorful, she may start enjoying car trips. So, take her to calm places and make her car-friendly.

4. Check for a pre-visit to the clinic

After scheduling an appointment with the vet, you can try asking them for a pre-visit to make your cat familiar with the surroundings. This way, you can easily bring her during the actual vet checkup without stressing her out. 

5. Carry her favorite food/toys

Of course, you need to carry cat treats and anything to calm your cat if she has to be controlled during the vet visit. Coz we never know when she will become curious or furious.

6. Stay calm

Last but not the least, stay calm at your vet’s. This will keep your cat calm. If she sees you anxious, she may get scared. 

All the best for your first vet visit  Stay tuned for more insights on preparing yourself for her first vet appointment!



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