When Do Kittens Calm Down?

When Do Kittens Calm Down?

New kittens initially bring joy and warmth to a home, but their boundless energy and mischievous antics can quickly turn tranquility into chaos. Finding a moment of peace becomes a distant dream as they dart around, knocking over anything in their path. You might find yourself going from relaxation to frantic rescue missions in the blink of an eye, only to discover your kitchen in disarray. It's natural to wonder, when will these whirlwinds of fur finally settle down?

For many cat enthusiasts, wrangling kittens is a test of patience. While undeniably adorable, their endless energy and clever escapades can push boundaries and leave no corner untouched.


In certain kittens, hyperactivity may persist, especially if they have very active parents or possess a naturally energetic disposition. While each kitten has its own unique personality, there are ways to address their behavior beyond simply waiting for them to calm down. As kittens grow, excessive hyperactivity can lead to perceptions of unfriendliness, particularly if it manifests as biting, which can become painful as they mature. However, it's crucial to consider that kittens may also bite due to pain, so ruling out any underlying health issues is important.


  1. Introduce Another Kitty: Bringing in another cat can be an effective way to redirect your kitten's energy. Opt for an older and less active cat, as the younger one is likely to mimic their behavior, resulting in a calmer environment.

  2. Invest in Play Equipment: Investing in interactive toys and play equipment is a worthwhile expense compared to potential damage to your furniture. Providing your kitten with a variety of toys helps them expend energy and develop muscle coordination. For added fun, attach toys to a fishing rod (without the hook) and watch your kitten engage in playful antics.

  3. Incorporate Play into Feeding Time: While not all cats may initially appreciate it, making feeding time interactive can help them expend excess energy. Instead of simply providing a bowl of food, consider using treat balls for dry food, encouraging your kitten to work for their meals. This not only drains energy but also teaches patience and provides mental stimulation.




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