Why senior cats are awesome pets!

Why senior cats are awesome pets!

Most pet owners and cat butlers love to adopt kittens for their playful nature and cuteness. But have you ever wondered that a senior cat might just be the thing for you? For instance, families that have children with parents who work full-time, it may be a joy to own an older, wiser cat than a playful kitten that will require more playtime and constant attention. Let’s find out the pawsome ways in which a senior cat will light up your life! 

1.)  They are trained:

They are already used to living in a home, and they will know certain skills like using a litter box, sleeping at the right time, waiting for food, waiting for their playtime with the owners. They are disciplined.

2.) They have a calm temperament:

Older cats are calm and composed. They can be especially tolerant and soft towards children. If they have any painful conditions like arthritis, they may be wary of playing. Healthy senior cats will be a great mate for kids, given the kids are also trained to be respectful and kind towards the pets.

3.) They’re easy to handle:

When juggling family responsibilities, work and other obligations, it may be harder to properly raise a kitten as opposed to an older animal. Young kittens have a lot of energy and they need a great deal of attention, training, and exercise. An older animal is much easier to handle from busy day-to-day.

4.) They adapt well

Cats of any age can continue learning, growing, and expanding their cognitive development. Older pets can easily assimilate new behavior and training and adjust to a new environment. The thinking that older cats cannot adapt to new environments that keeps many people from adopting older cats is not true. Older animals may not have the same level of energy as young animals do but they will still play with your family members.

5.) They play by the rules:

Older cats have most likely had the experience of living in homes with people. They are used to humans, they would know how to use a litter box and they have probably adopted some rules which will stand true in your house as well. Some shelters also give you a complete behavior analysis and history of your new feline before you bring it home.


6.) They make your kids more responsible:

It’s a wonderful thing to raise a child along with a senior cat. While you will need to pay attention towards feeding and playtime, teach your child boundaries and not to be cruel to the animal, slowly you can start delegating some of the responsibilities to your kids. Senior cats will be calmer, more understanding and will not pose any danger to children. Older cats can help foster a sense of self-esteem and confidence in children which in turn encourages the kids to be more responsible. The children of the house can take on responsibilities like cleaning the litter tray, changing the water, feeding the animals.


7.) They’re with you for a shorter timeframe:

It may sound cruel or obnoxious, but senior pets will not be with you for a long time and there are some advantages to a short-lived pet. Many families shy away from adopting as they are not willing to commit to the responsibility of raising a pet for more than 10 years. A senior cat is a desirable pet for them than a kitten. Many a time, children who adopt pets grow up and go away to college leaving their pets with parents who aren’t very willing to take care of the pets. Senior cats will be a good choice for them as well.

8.) They are perfect companions for senior citizens:

Older cats are a perfect addition to a senior citizen’s home because they’re calmer, more relaxed and far less destructive than kittens. Kittens want to play all the time, and that can be taxing for someone who has limited mobility and less energy. The energy of a senior cat complements that of a senior citizen and they can be great companions for older people who live alone.

9.) They get along with other pets:

If you’re looking to add a cat to a house that already has mature cats, an older cat will have an easier time integrating into the established dynamic. Adding a kitten into the mix may stress your older cats out because if you’re not playing with the kitten, the kitten is playing with your cats. Mature cats enjoy their routines and independence and upsetting the balance in the home with an energetic kitten may be extremely stressful.

10.) They will love you endlessly:

Some studies have shown that after being adopted, adult cats show gratitude and love in unbridled ways. They are indefinitely grateful that you have given them a warm loving home, and that manifests in their behavior too. An older cat is more likely to cuddle with you than the kitten you just brought home.

The best thing you can do is make sure everyone in the family knows and are accepting of the health conditions of a senior cat and the financial concerns that may come along with it. Potential adopters need to be sure that they are willing to take on the responsibility of taking care of their adult cats along with the expenses that may occur. One of the greatest rewards is knowing that you gave your pet a wonderful home to grow old in.
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