Why Does My Cat Love Drinking from the Tap?

Why Does My Cat Love Drinking from the Tap?

It's a common sight: your cat perched on the edge of the sink, lapping up water straight from the tap. But what's the deal with this quirky behavior?

The allure of flowing water
Cats have a thing for running water. Their wild ancestors sought out flowing streams for fresh water, and this instinct remains with our domesticated pals. The movement and sound of running water catch their attention, making it more enticing than the water in their bowl.


The quest for freshness
Cats are picky about their water. They prefer it fresh and clean. Running water gives off the impression of being purer compared to stagnant water in a bowl. The continuous flow from the tap meets their desire for something fresh and uncontaminated.

Mimicking nature
Watching your cat drink from the tap might seem odd, but it's actually tapping into their wild instincts. In the wild, cats would drink from moving water sources, delicately lapping it up with their tongues. Drinking from a tap mirrors this behavior, giving them a similar experience.


Encouraging hydration
Odd as it may seem, letting your cat drink from the tap isn't a bad thing. Some cats are particular about water intake and might not drink enough from a bowl. Allowing them to indulge in tap water ensures they stay hydrated, reducing the risk of health issues.

Tips for pet owners
While it's cute to watch, always ensure your cat has access to water, even when the tap isn't available. Consider investing in a pet fountain if constant access to running water isn't feasible. Cats might prefer cooler water, so adjusting the tap temperature can make it more appealing.


In summary
Your cat's fascination with tap water is perfectly normal. It's rooted in their instincts and preferences. Make sure they have access to clean water to keep them hydrated and healthy. Whether it's tap water, a pet fountain, or a regular bowl, prioritizing their hydration is key to their well-being.


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