Why Do Cats Spray Urine?

Why Do Cats Spray Urine?

Urinating issues are one of the common health problems of cats as they age. But if yours is a healthy cat, then you may have to observe how she is peeing inappropriately, based on which you can deduce if she is spraying urine or has a litter-box problem.



What do cats spraying urine mean?

Your cat may not necessarily pee somewhere, but carefully draw a border in urine. She will urinate a lesser than usual volume of elimination in her litter box. Mostly, she would draw such markings on walls or vertical surfaces.

The above clues confirm that she is actually spraying urine. So, naturally, you would want to know why.

Here are the reasons why felines spray urine:

·To mark their territory

Obviously, any animal wouldn’t like to share its property or space with another. So also, cats confront other cats by spraying urine around their place to inform them that this is her space. In fact, her tail would be upright in the air and back facing the target while she is doing this.

In the cat world, scenting her place with her urine is a statement to people or other animals that that property is hers.



· Stress buster

Sometimes your cat may get stressed due to any change in her environment. From buying a new table to an invited guest, anything could simply trigger her anxiety and stress. So, she sprays urine to comfort herself and reassures that her place is still hers, with a familiar smell.



· Invite for mating

If your pet cat is not neutered or spayed then he/she may spray urine to let out a message to other potential cats that they are reproductively active and ready for mating.

· Homing multiple cats

Too many cats are nearly a calamity. Ask those cat parents who have courageously homed a cluster of them. It is because conflicts among them are a daily routine. They play together and fight as well. So, cats tend to spray urine to confront others, resolve conflicts and draw borders.


When is it a litter box problem?

If you are sure to rule out the above clues of spraying urine then it is most likely a litter box problem. Either she is not used to something new in her litter box or the space has to be cleaned. Try to change the litter box into an attractive, cleaner one.



If you are still clueless, consult your vet on this. Happy cat parenting… 

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