Why do cats lick you? 7 meowy reasons to know

Why do cats lick you? 7 meowy reasons to know

You might have seen that most of the animals lick other animals, their young ones or humans. This is popularly attributed as a sign of expressing affection. But when your cat licks you, it can have more than one such reason. Let me tell what are the possible reasons behind cat-licking

1. Expressing her love

This is the famously known reason for a cat licking her owner’s hands or face. She licks you because she likes you and this is her way of showing it. To her, everyone should be equally loved, or rather licked to be felt loved 

2. Drawing borders for her territory

Guess who will want to have a cat-licked toy? Ha Ha.... no one right? That is her trick!

Licking anything to leave her scent on it, is a mark for others to know that they all belong to the cat. It is a way of informing others that they should stay away from these licked toys, animals, or people. 

3. Grooming her children and her owner-child (only in her eyes…)

A great person once said, “In a cat’s eye all things belong to cats”. Cats seem to take these words way too seriously, thinking that it is their responsibility to groom their owner-child! Cleaning her kitten’s fur is what she feels like grooming her child, but she doesn’t know you don’t have fur.

And you know that she can’t bear partiality. So, she treats her owner-child the same way as her kittens and grooms both of them by licking.

4. Tasting anything that seems interesting

We know that curiosity kills the cat. So, if she finds anything interesting, her instincts will draw her to lick the object and know what it tastes like. It could be new toys or fragrant pieces of stuff or colorful food or maybe even you in a new dress! Coz you never know when she gets curious :P

5. Compensating her missed childhood days

If your cat grew up as an orphan or was kept away from her mother, she did not get her fair share of affection during her childhood. So, she wants to compensate for the missed childhood days by licking you dearly.

6. Or, Reviving her good old childhood memories

Sometimes, even we humans as grown-ups, reminisce about our childhood and want to hug our parents suddenly. So also, your cat may want to relive and relish her childhood moments, so she becomes a kitten, treating you like her cat mom and licks you.

7. Reducing her stress and anxiety

Puffy friends may be stressed and anxious due to lack of attention or change of environment mostly. They lick themselves or their owners to reduce this stress.

Quick cat fact: If you feel hurt while your cat licks, it is because her tongue has minute curved spines called “papillae”. Cats spend around 30-50% of their time grooming.

Cat-lick free zone: You can avoid those licks from your cat by diverting her to some toys or other things that will tap her attention. But if she is excessively licking, it is advisable to take her to the vet.

Kudos to all cat-lovers who tolerate cat-licking…. coz it’s an art! ^^


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