Why do cats intrude your ‘Pawsonal’ space in the bathroom?

Why do cats intrude your ‘Pawsonal’ space in the bathroom?

After a splendid 6 or 8 hours of sleep (only if your cat isn’t flying around in the night), you’re suddenly woken up by a soft paw on your face. Your feline wants you to wake up, and cater to its needs, just the way a king demands attention from its councilmen.

Your cute and small furry friends, despite being ‘privacy lovers’ themselves, love to interfere with your space, and therefore, when you walk into the bathroom, you find your cat following you inside. If left outside, it stays right by the door, either scratching on the door, or mewing loudly, but not moving away. Why do they do this? What causes this behavior in their otherwise ‘proud and personal’ demeanour?

Well, your curiosity ends here!! There are various reasons as to why cats display such behavior. As owners of felines would have found it intriguing on multiple occasions, it is no surprise that cats have a tendency to showcase such confusing (given their love for space) behavioral patterns on a day to day basis.

 1) We fascinate them!

Yes, you read it right. Despite their proud nature, our felines love us and yearn for attention more than we can imagine. Sometimes they run away from kisses and hugs and make us believe that they do not want our affection. But that is not completely true. Given their social nature, it is quite understood that besides following us everywhere else, closed spaces such as the bathroom always spike their interest. And when else to intrude your personal space, if not when you’re busy doing your business?

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 2) Their never-ending love for boxes and confined spaces!

One can never understand such a huge fascination for boxes and closed spaces. But who is to question a cat’s strange behavior? (You must not, else a scratch attack is imminent!) The bathroom sink is one such ‘box,’ which is not only comfortable because of its smooth surface, but also its height intrigues felines. As natural climbers and hunters, they love to hop inside the sink and get cozy, while watching you carry out your chores. Not to mention their love for flowing water out of the tap!! In general, cats, given their wild nature, love to drink water from sources where it flows down. So it is obvious, that while you’re in the shower, your cat is quenching its thirst and enjoying a little bath itself!


 3) ‘Curiosity killed the cat!’

Quite literally indeed! When your cat watches you walk inside the bathroom and close the door, it stays right by the door, either scratching the door or trying to get its paw beneath the door. This is because the cat feels it has ownership over you, and the moment there is a closed-door between you and your cat, it feels unsure and vulnerable because of your absence. Also, your house is the cat’s territory, and when you shut a door on the cat, it feels as though you have breached its territory. This scares them, and therefore they stay right by the door till you don’t come out (only to face the wrath of the gods!)

 4) Entertainment on the go!

Cats usually follow us everywhere because they are bored. The bathroom provides them with unlimited sources of entertainment. From toilet paper rolls to the colorful bottles and containers of your favorite shampoo or gel, cats will grab and play anything they can get their hands on. Their affinity for things of various shapes and sizes (not to mention their desire to throw things down) makes the bathroom an optimum spot for them to venture around. So, while you’re brushing your teeth or preparing to get into the tub for a hot water bath, your cat will go around exploring every corner of the bathroom and grab whatever it can to play with.


5) Hot or cool, I am the one who will rule!

One of the reasons as to why cats love the bathroom is also because they feel relaxed and calm. Since the bathroom is usually the coolest room in the house, they love to roam around and sit in corners while grooming themselves and rolling on the fresh bathroom tiles. Their natural stance of always being on their feet, alert and ready to pounce, causes a loss of energy in their bodies. The cool and subtle premises of a bathroom are indeed very pleasing to them and a preferred spot to regain their strength (only to attack you with full readiness!)

 6) Space? I need mine, but who cares for yours?!

The key aspect of a feline is their need for space. But it is rather odd when you find your cat curling up in your shorts while you sit on the toilet seat. Usually, they feel shy or awkward when anyone is watching them while they poop or pee, but they seem to love to intervene and be around you when you’re at it yourself. This gives them pleasure, as they feel annoying you is their right (just like a king who loves to annoy its subjects). Lurking around the bathroom when you’re inside and disturbing you justifies their sense of ownership that they have over you!

Cats are natural hunter-gatherers, and their weird behavioral aspects do get beyond our understanding. From waking up to the sound of things breaking in the middle of the night, or the bursts of scratches and bites, which are signs of love and affection, cats are indeed different and strange in their mannerism. 

 Who are you to question my prowess, my pride?

 Who are you to break my stride?

 Bow down and respect me, oh servant,

 For without my love you would have died!!


The next time you find your cat following you into the bathroom and spookily watching you while you carry on with your chores, do not scratch your heads in surprise. Rest assured, your feline will do that for you anyway, as a sign of love and affection (clearly letting you know ‘Who’s the Boss!’)


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