Why Cats Have Trouble Losing Weight?

Why Cats Have Trouble Losing Weight?

Well, it is not only you, who is facing difficulty to lose weight. It may also be your pet cat. People and Weight loss is a big history and a growing story in today’s world. So also, trying to get your cat on the slim side is getting tough on you. But be careful, a low-hanging belly doesn’t always mean that she is obese and you have to put her on diet.

Here are some reasons why there is no significant weight loss in your cat

Did you calculate the calories?

In case you are sure that your cat is obese and you want to give her a diet to keep her healthy, you need to feed her just enough quantity of calories. This varies depending on your cat's breed, age, weight, and other factors. For example, a growing kitten will need more energy than an older cat.

Here is a general table that summarizes the calorie requirement. But this is only a guideline and not a specific amount that is recommended clinically. Based on your cat’s breed, weight, and other factors, you must consult a vet to decide your cat-specific calorie requirements (if you have not done that yet).

Ideal Weight (lbs)

Calories required to meet 80% of RER per day (Kcal)








RER / Resting energy requirement is the energy needed for a cat based on its weight.

Are you slimming your kitten/cat/adult cat?

You need to be aware of what age and stage your cat is. If she is in her growing stage, she may eventually come in shape after lots of physical activities and quality playtime. You should not be feeding your matured cat with lots of her favorite food as treats and spoilers.

Are you feeding the right amount?

Well, cheat-day is there in any diet plan, but it should not be frequent. So, if you are mistaken that you are helping your cat to be happy or you want to pamper her, do not overfeed her. Even her favorites, if they are not fed in the right amount, could cause health issues and weight gain.

Is she suffering from some health ailment?

Cat diabetes may also lead to excessive eating habits of your cat that could make her obese. So, consult with a vet to make sure that she is not suffering from any disease.

If there is not much improvement or you are still unclear about making her lose weight, take her to a vet to thoroughly examine and then stick to the diet plan that they may recommend.


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