How to Prepare Your Cat for When You Go Back to Work

How to Prepare Your Cat for When You Go Back to Work?


The ongoing pandemic has changed the world completely. From distancing to wearing masks and regular sanitizing, the entire planet is dealing with a sudden halt in its day-to-day routine. Every office worker and a school-going student is stuck at home for months.

The biggest plus point being, that this unfortunate turn of events gave every pet owner more and more time with the pets. The pets too would be astounded at the sight of their parents staying at home all the time.

Animals are emotional creatures too, just that they cannot be vocal about what they feel. With cats, especially, the body language and tail movements are primary ways to determine their mood. As compared to dogs who are more sociable and naïve, kitties are more solitary and prouder in their demeanor. It would be a little surprising for them to see us in the house the whole day as compared to the pre-lockdown situation where everyone would be out of the house doing their work for at least 6-8 hours a day.

This becomes a routine for them. Our absence was a normal thing for them, as they would have got used to a certain schedule. But the lockdown gave us both a chance to explore something new: More time in the house and running day-to-day errands for us; Too much time being spent in the presence of hooman for kitties.

And now, with things stabilizing, and the world hoping to return to normal situations, people are excited and looking forward to stepping out of the house and going back to their jobs and schools.

What about, our dear sweet, cute, darling little kitty then?

What would they think? How would they feel? Will our sudden absence be okay for them? Are they going to like it, or not? Will they miss us, given the fact that we have spent such long quality time with them at home? How should a feline parent deal with their kitties when they may return to work?

Let us go through some key pointers to keep in mind while dealing with our kitties when our lives resume:

1)Setting a proper time table

Before the lockdown, our lives were running by the clock. Everyone was following a strict schedule, swinging between house and work. The same can be said for our meows as well. They too were used to a certain lifestyle. The last few months, however, changed things drastically, especially for them. Cats are solitary beings, so for them, it is rather unusual that we were around them for so long. 

Stepping out of the house for work now, or getting back to our normal lives may be easy for us, but not for our dear meows. Therefore, we must begin setting a fixed timetable of sorts for us as well as them. We could disappear from the house for some time during the day and can increase that time slowly and gradually. This gives the kitty time to get used to your absence and deal with being alone.

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2) I am back home, baby!

Getting your kitty used to your absence is one thing. But maintaining a positive relationship with them is something else completely. Your habit of setting a specific timetable of stepping out of the house may work, but it might also lead to the development of resentment in your meow’s tender heart, for it has gotten used to your presence for such a long time. 

Hence, it is vital to give them all the attention they may have missed out on while you’re away at work. Find time to play with them, cuddle them, kiss them and spend as much time as possible with them once you return home from work. This gives them a chance to express their disappointment, while eventually calming down and forgiving you for your absence. We must be able to make it up to them for all the missing hours.

3) Make sure they remain busy and engaged at all times!

While you are at home, you can be involved with your cat the whole day, keeping its mind occupied. Also, our constant presence in the house can give them an assurance that all its needs will be met by us.

The moment we step out of the house, things change drastically. Meows get alone, and something needs to keep their curious minds engaged. Therefore, we must make adequate arrangements around the house so that they don’t end up getting too bored. 

Kitties are jumpers and climbers, with a strong sense of smell. You can leave small food items or treats at various locations around the house so that they can be busy exploring the smell. Try to get them used to puzzle toys and challenges so that they can pass their time efficiently.

4) Meows are prone to stress!

Cats are high on energy animals, and sometimes this excess energy can lead to stress and anxiety. Our sudden absence from the house can add fuel to this fire and lead to further stress-related issues. 

Hence, we need to ensure that this problem is tackled properly, without causing any trouble to our dear meow.

Cats are known to climb heights or hide in corners when they feel stressed out or anxious. Despite being solitary animals, they may develop anxiety when we go out to work, taking a toll on their mental health. In order to tackle this, we could start distancing ourselves from them over due course of time, getting them into the habit our just staying without constant attention from us. This will help in creating a healthy gap between you and meow, and not affect it mentally. 

Cats are emotional beings; hence we must understand their moods and act accordingly


We must start building a bond with them that existed before the pandemic, and getting them used to it again can be quite a daunting task. It is up to us to not give up and get irritated with the process. Remember, if we lose it, then our dear meow will be lost as well. So buck up, hooman, and make sure you get your cat ready for when you step out again for work!


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