When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes?

When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes?

If your cat has given birth to kittens, you may get all excited after seeing the clowder and want to lift each kitten and cuddle. But wait, the story didn’t have a happy ending, did it? After all the care you gave her mom while she was pregnant and the care you have for these little babies, they didn’t even look at you while you lifted them in your arms.

Well, you have to blame science for it. Yeah! Kittens do not open their eyes right away. Like human babies, cat babies take time to open their eyes.

When will kittens open their eyes?

A healthy kitten will take one week to ten days to open her eyes. The newborn kitten will not open her eyes immediately. It would look like her eyelids are tightly sealed. But sometimes they also take a couple of weeks to open their eyes.

Want to see your kitten seeing? Be cat cautious - 

You may have to watch out for her eyelids. If you see that she has developed a crust-like thing around her eyes, it means that some bacterial/viral infection has grown around her eyes. You will have to treat her right away at your vet’s.

Also, there are chances that her eyesight development is damaged due to an improper environment. So, take care to not keep her near a bright light, keep her in a dark place. Feed her and keep her clean and healthy.

If you notice anything abnormal or she is not opening her eyes for long, you may have to take her to the vet. But if she is all hale and healthy, she would develop her true eye color completely by week 8. You may then gaze at her blue beautiful eyes always.

Although nothing can escape a cat’s eyes, it takes time for her to develop those beautiful perfect cat eyes 😊 Many people with blue eyes are referred to as having cat-eyes. Kudos, to such special cattish people and cheers to all cat parents…. :D


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