What to do if your cat loses weight?

What to do if your cat loses weight?

Weight maintenance is a big-time issue for both humans and our feline friends. Being overweight leads to obesity and underweight leads to weak health. But wait, are you sure that your cat is really underweight? Because she may be gradually losing and gaining a few pounds here and there. While that is natural, weight loss cannot be left unattended.



So, how to confirm if your cat is underweight?

You can easily make out from an aerial view of your cat. If she is in her ideal weight, you would notice a tuck around her waist. Then, touch her sides and you would feel her ribs after a thin layer of fat covering.

But in the case of an underweight cat, the tuck line may not be prominent, and you may feel her ribs alongside immediately while touching her. Sometimes for poorly nourished cats, the ribs may be protruding and even directly visible from a distance.

What to do if your cat loses weight?

Once you are sure that she is below her optimum weight range, take her to the vet. There are many reasons why cats lose weight. It varies from simple to serious ones and we cannot afford to take a chance as it concerns her health.

Stick to your vet’s advice, it could be medication coupled with a specific diet plan and/or incorporating some lifestyle changes for her. Do not forget to take her for reviews if needed and keep doing regular follow-ups. You should be able to see her improvement literally as she gains weight and becomes your old fluffy pussy cat!



Nevertheless, what causes weight loss in cats?

Many physical and mental health issues may lead to weight loss just like we humans. Following are the most common reasons for weight loss in cute cats

1.      Diabetes

2.      Hyperthyroid

3.      Kidney issues

4.      Cancer

5.      Stress and Anxiety

How to prevent your cat from going underweight?

Firstly, when you observe that her intake has reduced consistently than her usual quantity, then it’s an alarm to some health issue that concerns her. This is a sign for a vet checkup to possibly medicate her at the earliest if at all she is suffering from an ailment.

Secondly, giving your kitty a healthy lifestyle will resolve many complications and fetch her more time on earth. So, provide a proper diet, sufficient playtime, regular vet checkups, and lots of love, affection, and happiness. This way you can keep cuddling her for long and help her live a healthier life.



Happy cat parenting and cheers to chubby cheeky cute cats!

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