Weirdest things that the world has to say about cats.

Weirdest things that the world has to say about cats.

Although they are smaller in size compared to other animals, cat myths probably outnumber myths related to any other animal. Your furry little friend has a legacy of being worshipped in ancient cultures and enjoys some runtime in folklores as well. Humans, even back then were in awe of this mysterious, unpredictable creature. As a result, every culture has contributed to some legends on the feline species. Let’s find out some of the weirdest ones.

Black cats are lucky                                                                                                               Yes, you read that right. In the land of Japan, black cats are considered lucky and it is believed that they have the power to heal sick children and protect them against evil. Well, that’s at least better than those cultures who consider black cats to be unlucky and don’t let them in the house. Japanese folks, you guys are quite cool. In Russia, blue cats are considered lucky. That also may have to do with the fact that Russia is home to the native Russian Blue cat, a breed greatly admired for its dense, shimmering coat.


Black cats are witches in disguise.
According to the Bible, Adam’s ex-wife Lilith, a demonic figure from Hebrew folklore, could turn into a cat. There ends the folklore part. In USA, during the Salem witch trials, black cats were considered to be accomplices of witches. Some even went to the extent of claiming that black cats are actually witches in disguise. This superstition is partly responsible for the association of black cats with evil, across America & Europe.

Killing a cat brings 17 years of life sentence.
We wish that was true. The Irish believe that killing a cat will bring 17 years of bad luck upon the killer! That’s a myth we would like to endorse. Anybody who even thinks of harming these fur-dolls may be cursed forever. People from the neighboring island of Wales believed that a woman who stepped on a cat’s tail would not get married that year. 

Cats are humans reborn
According to some Buddhist communities, cats are receivers of human souls. Those who reached a greater level of spirituality would enter the body of a cat upon their death. They would then live their life as a cat and die. After the death of the cat, the person’s soul would enter Paradise. Living life as a cat was part of the pre-Paradise process.

Cats that eat you for Christmas dinner
The Yule Cat from Icelandic folklore is a huge monster cat that lurks in the snowy countryside during Christmas. It is known to gobble up those children who didn’t receive or wear new clothes on Christmas Eve. Parents scare their kids with the tales of the monstrous Yule Cat to get them to finish their chores.

Cats are responsible for the Black Death
The Black Death was a plague that struck Europe in the 1340s. Although the plague was carried by the Oriental rat fleas, cats were suspected as Satan’s accomplices in spreading the plague. The plague wiped out 30% to 60% of the European population and took the lives of many cats. A large number of cats were killed during this period, sometimes along with their owners. This, in fact, made the plague worse, as cats, the natural predators to rats, were killed off. Had the cat population lived, the plague wouldn’t be as bad as it became. The middle ages weren’t a good time to be a cat or a human.

Cats are mystical.
The myths around cats range from good to bad to downright diabolical. However, everyone seems to agree that cats are mystical creatures. The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as deities. Killing cats was punishable by death. While in Europe, the Norwegian Forest Cat was considered a fairy. It was believed that the cat’s eyes serve as a window to the other world. If you peered through their eyes, you could look into a magical realm. In Thailand (also known as Siam earlier), during the coronation of a new king, he is presented with a cat adorned in gold jewelry. It is believed that the old king can witness the coronation through the eyes of the cat.

There are several other legends from around the world. The Russians believed that when moving into a new house, a cat must enter first to usher in good luck. Italians thought hearing a cat sneeze is lucky for the ones who hear it. The belief about soul-transfer remains the most popular. In Madagascar, it was believed that the dead bodies which aren’t buried, their souls may return by entering cats.

Now, take a look at your cat, look deeply into his eyes. You may find clues to the magical realms that lie beyond.



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