Want to add more ‘cat’ to your life?

Want to add more ‘cat’ to your life?

Do you ever feel like you need more ‘cat’ in your life but at the same time, you know you can’t actually get another cat? Maybe your current cat or cats won’t allow it or it is just not viable for you to share your home with another furry friend. Whatever the case is, we at CatCurio have the just solution to your dilemma and it comes in the form of a wide range of cat-inspired products that you can fill your life with. It’s the perfect way to increase the presence of cats in your home. We’ve highlighted some of our more popular products – products we think you’ll love, have a looksy:

1. Cat Mom T-shirts.

Are you a cat mom and love it? Count yourself lucky in that case; we have numerous t-shirts that will help you flaunt your love for cats with style! This Game of Thrones inspired t-shirt is one of them – it will tell people what you stand for and also let people know about your awesome TV binging habits (we are huge GOT fans). Or, you could go with this minimalistic yet super-cute ‘Cat Mom’ t-shirt – it’s available in a range of colors to suit every cat lover’s wardrobe.

2. Cat Dad T-shirts.

Who said moms should have all the fun? With our cat dad t-shirt collection, people will know that you’re an awesome cat-parent with an equally awesome sense of humor; or should we say, pawsome sense of humor? The collection includes 3 quality tees that will look great for casual trips to the grocery store or café. We even have a size chart that should help you choose the right fit!

3. Pillow & cushion covers.

There’s nothing like chic pillows and cushion covers to add a little style to the interior décor of your home. However, regular cushion won’t cut it for a cat-parent, that’s why we have a plethora of cat-inspired designs for you to choose from. Each of them is stylish and will you want to pick them up and cuddle just like your kitty. From cute cotton linen covers in various colors sporting different cat breeds to these celebrity-inspired covers that are every bit fashionable as they are funky. Enjoy the CatCurio pillows and bedsheet collection which will make every cat lover smile.

4. Beverage mugs.

Coffee & tea mugs seem to be a great way to flaunt what you love. We have an epic collection of designs and graphics for you to choose from. From mugs for cat moms & dads to self-stirring mugs to ceramic mugs, we have it all! This transparent cat face mug is perfect for your office and is sure to grab the attention of your co-workers. All our mugs are high quality and extremely durable, but if they catch the attention of your kitty, their shelf-life is sure to plummet.

5. Car accessories.

Our cars are an extension of our living environment. We all look for ways to personalize our vehicles, just as we do to our home. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a collection of quirky & cute car accessories that every cat owner will love. You could get yourself a furry steering wheel cover that comes with ears & a bow that will remind you of your cat on every drive. You could also go for a cat-shaped phone-holder which is both stylish & practical. Or, if you want to get funky, you could get a set of cat-shaped headrests for your car. 

6. Footwear.

We have an amazing collection of cat-inspired footwear. Take for example our slippers & flip-flops; they might not make you as nimble as your feline family members but they sure are cute! Or you could go with our trendy indoor slippers, they are soft & furry and make every step that much more comfortable. If you like sporting cute socks, then you should check out the ones on our store. We have many prints that will make you go ‘awwww’ every time you slip them on.

7. Phone accessories.

Love your cat’s whiskers and cute little ears? Get a phone case that will remind you of them wherever you go! Or if that’s a bit too much, you could go with one of our printed covers - they are equally cute and will remind of your furry friend every time you pick up your phone. We also have some super-cool earphones that will grab people’s attention while you enjoy the audio experience they provide. If you’re looking for some minimal add-ons for your phone, we have cat-inspired dust plugs, pop-ups & phone rings too, all of which are a huge hit with cat parents.

8. Jewelry.

Love your bling just as much you love your cats? We have a huge collection of cat-inspired jewelry that you will absolutely love. From cute cat rings to gorgeous necklaces to elegant studs – we have it all. Choose from a range of classy accessories that are stylish and will also express your love for cats. Fun & stylish, our accessories are perfectly suited daily use, office wear and even for those special occasions. What’s more is that all our jewelry is made from quality materials making them extremely durable.

These are just some of the many products we have; it’s just impossible to list them all down in one blog. If you like what you see here, you should definitely go online and check out the entire collection. We have so many amazing products that you will surely love. All our products are made with love and come with free shipping pretty much across the world. So no matter where you are, we at CatCurio will deliver your products to you without any hassles. We hope you liked this blog, good luck and have a pawsome day ahead!


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