Top 5 Cat Books for Cat lovers

Top 5 Cat Books for Cat lovers

If you have declared yourself as a cat lover, aren’t you going to do justice to the title you earned or rather entitled yourself with?
Here are the top 5 purrfect Cat books and the reasons why they qualify to take a space in the bookshelf of a cat lover like you. 

1. The Cat Inside by William S. Burroughs

The novel is written by a cat-lover. That is what he wishes to identify himself as. Interestingly, this talks about his unexpected friendships with felines all through his life and how he doted on them every day. This will strike the right chords with you on the awfully familiar cat-things that cat parents mutually share. Feel the cat connect with this interesting, touching novel.

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2. Dewey the Library Cat by Vicki Myron

Have you rescued an abandoned cat before? If yes, you’d rekindle your memories with this book. If not, you’d start looking for such cats in libraries perhaps! Yes, this book talks about the fighter tiny kitten that survived the coldest of a winter night in a library drop box. 
But it paints a warm picture of how the library staff adopted the kitten and named him “Dewey Readmore Books”. His inspiring journey of nineteen long years as a resident library cat will enthuse young readers and new cat-parents. Join the life ride of the Dewey cat or gift it to any of your book-worm friends to inspire them in your catty way.

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3. A street Cat named Bob by James Bowen

If you choose this book, beware you may need a tissue box with you! It is indeed an emotional journey of a musician named James when he rescues an injured cat that was found in the hallway of his apartment.
Knowing that he can’t afford to feed both himself and the cat, he still helped the kitty and named him Bob. If you want to make your cat friend cry, no, not by pulling her legs, if you want to move her, this is the perfect book. Go for it!

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4. I could pee on this by Francesco Marciuliano 

Don’t be taken aback by the title. We know why cats do that always. But this book is a collection of poems on a cat’s psyche with her perfect inner voices speaking up in all of them. Topics like “Who is that on your lap”, “This is my chair”, “Kneel before me” are a few hilariously relatable headings from the list. 
Enjoy this book besides your feline friend, coz as you read each line of these poems, you are going to look for her to imagine what she did or is doing. 

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5. I am a cat by Soseki Netsuke

This is a classic Japanese literature that brings out the human emotions and activities in satire from the eye of a stray cat. The story revolves around the late 20th century, Meiji era when Japanese were influenced by western culture and perplexed on ways of life and style. But it doesn’t fail to match up to our current human foibles that are hilariously highlighted. Check out this cool book.

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Buy any of these books and treat yourself to the cat lover in you. If you know a cat fanatic friend, no other better gift can excite them.


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