The Smart And Cute Russian Blue Kitty!

The Smart And Cute Russian Blue Kitty!

People often tend to adopt pets solely for one reason: that the pet will be able to complete their otherwise empty or deranged lives by providing comfort, support, companionship, and a constant dose of laughter and fun.

For most people, dogs are a preference, as they are extremely submissive and easily controllable. Cats, on the other hand, are too proud and independent themselves, and that is why some people do not want them as pets (we are too entangled in our own lives, we really do not want the burden of a king above us who treats us like servants. We are egoistic as well, duh!)

Good news for all such people out there, because there is a cat breed that, may not be completely submissive or one to obey commands and rules, but is definitely not a burden in terms of pride and dominance.

Yes indeed! There exists a cat breed that is not that cat-like (in terms of harshness and rigidity). The one and only: The Russian Blue!

Not much is known about this breed’s specific history, except the fact that they are known to originate from the northern areas of Europe and Russia. Their double thick coat is proof that these cats naturally possessed an extra layer of fur to protect their small and fragile bodies from extreme temperatures.
The first known sighting of the Russian Blue was noted in the late 1870’s London, where it was presented as one of the show cats. It was known to have been shipped from Russia and northern Scandinavian areas to central Europe in the early 1860s.
It is believed to have secured an official classification much later, when it was introduced in the United States of America in the early 1900s, claiming its categorization in and around 1912.

The most common question asked about this breed is its unique nomenclature. Why Blue indeed?

Well, if one observes carefully, this particular breed has a clear even blue coat color surrounded by a light shade of silver overcoating. As mentioned above, this breed has a double coating on its tender skin, providing an adequate amount of heat and warmth.
Here are some fascinating points about the Russian Blue:

1. Smart and intellectual!

Amongst all the breeds of cats around the world, the Russian Blue ranks in the top flight when it comes to smartness and intelligence. They are one of the most inquisitive breeds ever, who like to indulge in activities that constantly keep their minds and senses engaged. Any small sighting of movement may trigger its curiosity. The Russian Blue is one of the sharpest breeds, and enjoy playing with toys that are colorful and different in shapes and sizes. The most common toy of preference is the furry fishing pole, which helps keep their alertness at bay and polished. The heightened smartness requires owners to provide constant physical and mental stimulation for their Russian Blue, else the kitty will be bored and you may have to be punished, dear hooman!

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2. Green eyes and small bodies!

One of the most distinctive features of the Russian Blue is their eyes. As small kittens, they are known to have yellow eyes that are surrounded by a green rim around the iris. As they grow into bigger meows, the green becomes evident, making it clear that their irises are surrounded by a bright green circle with a distinct yellow border. Their almond-like eyes are one of the best differentiating elements from other breeds. Their heads are small and triangular, and due to the presence of a double coat on their skin, their shoulders and neck may be hidden. But otherwise, the Russian Blue is a muscular breed that loves a lot of physical activity that involves jumping around and running across the house.

3. Pretty reserved!

Russian Blues are very easy going and accommodating at home. However, they may have reservations when they observe changes in certain daily chores. For example, if you tend to make any changes in their feeding time, they will make sure they come to you be outright vocal about it so that you understand their resentment and make amends. Also, they are not very welcoming when it comes to strangers. Russian Blue cats are known to form a very strong bond with one individual of the house and remain aloof from visitors or gatherings. They are mostly indoor cats that might have reservations to step out, but once they are bought outside, they would like to mingle around, provided their parents are within visibility. They tend to get scared and freak out in the absence of people they trust. So it is up to you to be in the good books of your Russian Blue, dear hooman!

4. I love food, a lot of food!

Russian blue cats love food more than any other breed. Their affinity towards meals is undeniably the most inevitable aspect of their personality. Parents often fall for their cute calls and gestures that indicate their need to be fed, resulting in health issues like feline obesity, an increase in blood sugar levels, and the overall accumulation of fat leading to the kitty’s becoming like couch potatoes. Those who own Russian Blue cats should maintain a strict decorum when it comes to food. The parents must be watchful, and not fall for that cute face meowing, asking them to get up and feed it. Remember, Russian Blues are one of the smartest cat breeds ever, and they are quite capable of manipulating their owners and get their way done.

Russian Blue meows are usually subtle and gentle when it comes to being a part of the household. As mentioned above, they usually form a strong bond with one individual of the house, but also tend to have cordial relations with other trustworthy members of the house. They are one of the calmer and simpler breeds out there. People with allergy problems can easily stay with Russian Blues as the shedding of fur is comparatively lesser and in control. So, what are you waiting for dear hooman? GO and grab a Russian Blue, one of the best domestic breeds of cats!


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