The most difficult felines of the world!

Cats are natural predators. In the dark of the night, they lurk for their prey. This is true for all cats, even domesticated ones. Mr. Cookie may laze on the porch all day, sunbathing and gently licking himself, try leaving a nice little pigeon before him and you will find him a different avatar. However, they are certain domestic cat breeds, who are wilder than the rest. Some of them belong in the endless expanse of the Sahara or the thick forests where humans don’t exist. Humans decided to domesticate some of these wild breeds too and since then they have been living with us. But handling them can be quite challenging, even today.

Take the Maine Coon for instance. Majestic, with a thick mane of fur, this cat can reach a length of 48 inches including the tail which can grow up to 14 inches. Needless to mention, that this cat is also heavier than the rest. Characterized by a large body and a bushy tail, Maine Coons are native to North America. Hugely popular in America, the native cat’s popularity has seen a surge even with exotic foreign breeds like the Persian cat landing on the Atlantic shore. One reason behind this may be the fact that despite its size, the Maine Coon is rather gentle, friendly and sociable. These are beautiful, gentle, giant furballs who love to cuddle and chill. So, if you’re okay with handling a cat the size of a dog, go for a Maine Coon. Granted, you will need to make space, more space for the feline.

The beautiful beast, the Bengal, had to be at the top of this list. A crossbreed between the Asian Leopard Cat and the Egyptian Mau, this cat is royalty in both its looks and its demands across the world. Bengals are intelligent animals but quite aggressive during playtime so one should think twice before investing in a Bengal as these cats can burn a hole in your pocket. A bored Bengal is one aggressive Bengal so make sure you give your precious Bengal cat enough playtime. Blessed with a luscious coat, these cats have varied appearances and come in several colors and coat patterns and have varying weight and eye colors.

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Bobcats are an exotic bearded feline with tufted ears and spotted back and belly. The cat bonds strongly with humans but as docile as they may appear, they have an aggressive side that could be fatal to an adult human. Known to be unpredictable and moody, Bobcats come in beautiful hues ranging from golden to smoky blue but don’t let their beauty fool you. These feisty felines may shred your furniture and are best kept away from children.

Pixiebobs are a smaller version of the Bobcat which is believed to be the progeny of the Bobcats. Most Pixiebobs have tipped ears, heavy ear hair, white fur around the eyes with black eye skin. Pixiebobs are said to be highly intelligent, social, active and bold who enjoy their playtime. They are known for their chirps, chatter, and growl. Most Pixiebobs do not meow at all. They are sociable cats but their adventurous and active nature may make them appear hostile before strangers.

Servals are wild cats native to Africa and have the longest legs and largest ears of any cat breed. While many people keep Servals as pets, it is not a domestic cat. It is a wild cat and it needs a certain environment and special dietary needs. The Servals love to hunt, they are the best hunters among felines. They need to hunt, swim, climb as they instinctively do in the wild. They are totally nocturnal creatures and may take your sleep away too. Servals are also aggressive cats and teeth and claws will be out during playtime. This makes them a bad choice to keep if you have kids in the house. So, if you’re planning to adopt a Serval, think hard because it will be an unkind choice to adopt if you cannot provide it with the kind of environment and space it needs.

The Savannahs are the largest hybrid cat. It is a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval. Savannah cats are known for their loyalty. They can also be taken for walks on a leash like a dog and are seen as the most doglike cat. These cats are high jumpers. Some Savannahs can leap about 8 feet high from a standing position. While these cats are very loyal and sociable, they have an aggressive side to them. In fact, it is not legal to own these cats in many countries, as these predatory felines may threaten the life of wildlife present in the area, unlike other domestic breeds.

Native to Africa and the Middle East, the Caracal is a medium-sized wild cat that is characterized by long legs, tufted ears, and long canine teeth. A nocturnal predator, the Caracal is territorial and preys on small mammals like birds and rodents. Full-grown Caracals weigh between 30-50 lbs and are around 16-17 inches big. Caracals are solitary animals, therefore, to domesticate a Caracal cat, one needs to adopt a Caracal when it’s a kitten. Caracal also has wild energy therefore it should be given plenty of space and playtime to release the energy, or else it may destructive.

All these felines are beautiful animals who deserve loving and caring homes. However before adopting them, one needs to be careful to provide them with the right environment and attention that they deserve. Pick your feline companion with care and caution.


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