How Old Is My Dear Meow!

The biggy kitty, Maine Coon cats!

 A true kitty lover always wishes to own a lion or a tiger! Big cats are very fascinating, and it would be a pleasure to parent one. Domestic cats are cute and sweet, and melt our hearts with those little paws on the face, while big cats are royal and majestic, and fill our hearts with love and power.

What if, a cat lover could have both the attributes in one kitty? How would it feel to own a kitty, that is both, sweet and cute like a normal house cat, and huge and majestic like the wild beats?

Yes indeed, you read it right folks! Welcome to the world of one of the most royal domestic cat breeds ever: The Maine Coon Cats! 


It is a dream for all those who love to parent felines to have a big, yet subtle cat in their house. The Maine Coons, originally from Maine, are not only famous for their thick and shiny coat, but also for their size. They are known as the world’s largest domestic cats. Not much is known about their actual origins when it comes to physical existence. They were first known to exist as traditional mouse hunters in the farmlands of Maine, discovered first around late 19th century.

To Know All About the Maine Coon Cat by Meowtel

Here are some key fascinating points about the big Maine Coon kitties:

1) I am big, but not that mighty and fearful!

The key aspect about Maine Coon that attracts most cat lovers is that they are not like normal cats! They are not too proud, or too dominating in nature. On the contrary, these are affectionate cats who are quite selfless, ones that are not that needy. Unlike normal felines traits, the Maine Coons are not egoistic or oppressive, but instead, they are one of the most humble and grounded cats ever. They will follow you around like a good pet and not be too demanding. They tend to respect their parents’ space and gently abide by the rules outlined in the household. They may be huge, but do not resemble any attributes of the actual jungle cats who are wild and aggressive.

2) I love you, but it takes time for me to build the unbreakable trust!

Maine Coons are very human-friendly cats and are emotional too. They tend to understand and process the different kinds of moods of humans and are known to respond accordingly. They form a very close and tight bond with their family members and are known to play with each member equally. Coons do not have favorites from the lot and are lovable and sociable with every member of the house. But this may take time to develop. They are emotional too, and this trait in their hearts makes it slightly difficult for them to form a trust. They care a lot for their families, but that can only happen if they are given the time and space to understand every member of the house in their own way and in their own time.


3) I am one of the smartest kitties ever!

The Maine Coon cats are known to be one of the smartest breeds of cats ever. They love to play games that require them to chase or solve things. Any puzzles or toys that challenge their minds is always a preference for them. They are natural chasers, with a very strong hunting instinct. In the early days of discovery, they were primarily famous for hunting and clearing any premises off mice. Along with a strong body, they are strong mentally. Coons have great grasping powers and tend to adopt and learn things very quickly. Once they realise and understand the environment of their house, they will follow it and be a playful part of their surroundings, even if means chasing toys or playing fetch like dogs.

4) We too have differences in males and females!

Like every other living species that have a difference in attributes between males and females, Maine Coons also have unique behavioral differences in sexes. Male Coons are known to be notorious and stupid. They usually delve into silly activities, like jumping restlessly around the house, knocking things over for fun, innocently disturbing you in your work (but they will walk away if you tell them, as they are very understanding). Females are way more composed and calmer as compared to males. They like to sit quietly and ponder about things. They prefer to chill and relax, and are cleverer as well. Compared to males, the female Coons are dignified in their mannerism, and a certain level of royalty can be seen in the way they carry themselves. Overall, both males and females are equally playful and sensitive towards their families, showing utmost dedication and participation in every family activity.

5) Water does not bother me hooman!

Every feline lover is aware of the fact that cats are ‘not okay’ with water. They like to keep their coat dry and usually stay away from wet places. Coons, however, are water-friendly kitties. Their coat is too thick and is water repellent. They like to be around you all the time and would love to accompany you in the bathroom. You may even find you cute Coon roaming in the bathroom and playing on the wet floor, by pushing its paws hard against the water and enjoying a little ‘lick-and spray.’ If you are lucky, you may even find your Coon having a nice and relaxed time near lakes and ponds, behaving contrary to the normal feline reaction to water bodies.

Maine Coons are one of the biggest domestic cats in the world, who tend to reach their full size usually after 2 to 5 years. Their weight can range from 18 to 20 pounds in females and the males can weigh around 20 to 25 pounds on an average. Their tall and triangular ears are a striking key feature. For all those cat lovers out there, this breed is one of the best ones to have at home, as they are not as needy and demanding as other kitty breed.


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