The adorable, round and fluffy Scottish fold cats!

The adorable, round and fluffy Scottish fold cats!

Those who have an affinity for pets usually tend to settle for ones that are friendly and sociable. This could be the reason why many people prefer to have dogs as pets, giving their gullible and naïve nature. Feline lovers, on the other hand, are very selective when it comes to adopting cats because they are known to be aloof and solitary creatures.

Still, love knows no bounds! One who truly has an undying affection for cats is surely going to parent them and accept all the challenges that cat owners face. But how do we decide which breed to adopt? Are we looking for a quiet and calm cat or one that is hyperactive and energetic all the time? Are we aware which breed is known to be the best when it comes to being friendly and social?

Well, look no further! For all those whose hearts melt when they see the cute heads of kitties, here is all you need to know about one of the most affectionate cat breeds ever. Presenting to you, the feline of the highlands, the sweet little Scottish Folds!!

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1) I may be a cat, hooman, but I am very sociable indeed!

Quite right! The Scottish Folds are known to be one of the most expressive breeds ever. They are very sweet, and friendly towards humans in general. The behavioral attributes of Scottish Folds are quite contrary to the general traits of felines. These cats are not too proud and not too dominant, and prefer to socialize more than other breeds. Scottish Folds are also very sensitive when it comes to expressing feelings through vocal and physical gestures. They love to form bonds and friendships and enjoy happy surroundings. Unlike other breeds, Scottish Folds require constant companionship. They need someone to be with them at all times, may it be humans or other pets. They are not cats that can be left alone!

2) You want to play games? Bring it on!

Scottish Folds are quite intelligent cats who love to engage in playful activities. They love to strengthen relationships through the medium of games and toys. Puzzles and quiz-based games are their preferences, as they like to be challenged. They are very joyful and happy cats who love to indulge in physical gestures like cuddling, petting, and grooming, and they make sure you fulfill their wishes by being vocal about it. After all, they too are cats, and they are indeed going to be slightly demanding when it comes to things, they dearly want from you. Their sweet and low voice is very endearing and heart-warming, and parents are bound to bow down to their wishes!

3) I love everyone, but I love you the most!

It is indeed surprising that unlike other breeds, Scottish Folds are not too proud and solitary, but when it comes to relationships, they are unique and unyielding. It is observed that Scottish Folds tend to get close to one individual in the house, and this particular person will be given preference over everyone else. Despite being social and playful overall, they are known to develop a strong affinity for only one or two members of the house, and in times of resentment or disappointment, they run and hide behind their favorite person of the house. They may be friendly with everyone, but love to have complete ownership over their favorite person.

 4) I am a very subtle kitty, and love to be grounded!

Scottish Folds are one of the most emotional breeds amongst cats, and they are not known to be as agile and physically active as others. Due to this fact, parents need to be cautious while handling them. These cats require parents to be extra gentle and soft when they play, and they must be very delicate while bathing or grooming the cats. Scottish Folds have tails that are comparatively stiffer than other breeds, hence extra precaution must be taken while brushing or petting them. Because they have fine and smooth fur, it is advisable to bathe them twice a week in order to prevent any skin or health diseases, as Scottish Folds are vulnerable to health issues. Hence, those who own the Folds must always be careful while treating them.


5) We come in different ‘Folds,’ dear hooman!

A general trivia about Scottish Folds is that their ears are folded. This unique physical feature is a result of a mutation caused by genes. This mutation happens primarily due to cartilages that are affected throughout the body resulting in their ears to fold downwards after 7 to 9 weeks of birth. The mutation can cause the formation of different layers of folds in their ears. These are singular, double, and triple folds - the difference being in the number of folds that develop on their ears. Due to folds on their ears, these cats are not prone to mites or ear infections as compared to other breeds but remain vulnerable to other illnesses, like excess loss of hair or fur, weak heart problems, and blood pressure issues.


Scottish Fold cats are widely known to be very emotional and caring toward their parents. Their friendly nature is extended to other pets, as they are playful with dogs as well. Those hoomans looking to adopt Scottish Folds must adhere to the fact that these are extremely gullible cats, and require love and care all the time. If your livelihood requires you to step out of the house for long hours of the day, it is strictly advised not to own Scottish Folds, as loneliness can affect them mentally and emotionally. The best way to prevent your Folds from developing any kind of hatred and resentment toward you is to keep them engaged. It could either be a person who can be around them all day or could be another pet. All they need is love and attention, and it is up to the parents to ensure that these basic needs are always met.


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