Say these 5 things to a cat parent and you might get swatted

Say these 5 things to a cat parent and you might get swatted

Cats tend to be misunderstood. As a result, cat parents often get misinformed and clueless comments hurled at them. These sentiments are mostly a result of myths or superstitions and can also be extremely hurtful for cat parents. If you have a cat, you’ve probably heard one of these comments and if you have a friend with a cat, you should probably refrain from saying any of the following.

 1. “I think dogs are better”

  Well, comparing cats and dogs is like comparing apples and oranges, you just can’t! And honestly, your choice of pets is a personal choice, it’s not something you should endorse or enforce on someone else. Imagine a friend walks into your home, takes a look at your dogs and says, “I think cats are better pets”. That’s bound to wind you up, isn’t it? It’s exactly the same when you tell a cat owner that you think dogs are better, so it’s best you don’t do it. Moreover, there are thousands of cat owners who open their doors and hearts to cats and dogs at the same time, because a pet is a pet, no matter the species

2. “You’ve got fur on you”

People with cats know that they have fur on them; some even love the fact that they do. So when you tell a cat parent they have fur on them, it’s like pointing out the obvious. Now look at it like this, you’re probably not the first person to tell them that, and hearing something obvious repeatedly can get on someone’s nerves. So the next time you see someone with cat fur on them, ask a better question like, what breed of cat they have or what their pet’s name is. 

3. “I think cats are evil”

Cats are playful, a little lazy sometimes, extremely funny and cute but never evil. But some people have formed this preconceived notion that cats are inherently evil and out to capture your soul. Saying things like ‘look at those eyes’ or ‘only witches have cats’ can be extremely cringe-worthy things to say to a cat parent. 

4. “Cats sleep all day”

Many people label cats as useless or call them lazy. However, ask anyone who spent time with a cat and you’ll find that they love playing, are super inquisitive and very active. They can spend their day playing with toys, climbing things in your home or annoying their fellow felines or parents.

5. “It was just a cat”

This is the meanest thing to say to a cat owner after they’ve lost a pet. Some people assume that cats are aloof and that you cannot have a bond with them. But to a cat parent, their kitty is part of the family and when they move on from this world, it’s extremely sad. If you think such things will help someone move on from their loss, you are extremely wrong. In fact, mourning the loss of pet only get worse when you have to endure comment like these. 

We understand how special your kitten is to you, no matter what others might say. So the next time someone throws these jilts at you, just ignore it and remember that there’s a cute little purr-ball waiting for you at home. We hope this made you feel better especially for the times people have been mean about your cat.

Have a PURRFECT day ahead — MEOW!

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