Now, Never Let Your Beloved Cat Out of Your Sight

Now, Never Let Your Beloved Cat Out of Your Sight

In the present day times of constantly buzzing phones and the never-ending list of tasks, we often fail to keep a track of some of the most significant things - our precious little cats.  Believe it or not, these instances happen more often than we would like them to. And while in most cases after a few minutes of worrying and huffing and puffing around we end up finding our prized possessions, there are some unfortunate occasions, when we end up losing them forever. And we don’t even need to tell you, but there is nothing more disheartening than this.

It is for this very reason, that we often wonder, how amazing it would be if there were a device that could help us keep a track of our adorable feline friends. Well, our prayers have been answered! How? Via the Bluetooth Smart Cat Tracker!

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What is a Bluetooth Smart Cat Tracker?

Well, it is essentially a device as small as a key ring, which can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. That being done, you can then conveniently place it around your pet’s neck, and the moment they get out of the range of your phone, an alarm will go off. You can then conveniently follow the sound and get a hold of your kitten. The same goes for your child, your luggage or any other item of importance.

How does a Bluetooth Smart Tracker function?

This device operates using the cTracing App or the FindElfi App via iOS or Android Smartphone. All you need to do is simply install the app, pair the device with your phone, and you are good to go. This device is enabled with an Intelligent Search Function which helps you locate your pet via digital display. In case you are unable to track your cat, you can simply press the calling button. The device will immediately start ringing, making it easier for you to track.

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What makes the Bluetooth Smart Tracker a must buy?

Apart from its inherent benefit mentioned above, this device offers some other benefits, such as-

  • It weighs as little as 9 grams making it fairly easy to use and carry around.
  • Its CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery ensures low energy consumption and a standby time of up to 6 months.
  • It works in a radius of up to 75 feet.
  • It can also be used to control the camera or the voice recorder of the phone that it is connected to!

Now that you know all that there is to about this smart device, make sure you buy one right away! Not only will it ensure the safety of your treasured cat, but will also help you enjoy the much-needed peace of mind. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Isn’t it?

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