Listen to meow hooman, I can't yowl louder!!

Cat Yowling — Why Do Cats Yowl and What Does It Mean?

Every feline lover in the world knows how difficult and intimidating it can be to understand cats. They are so proud and dominant, that despite humans being the superior species, we fall for how cutely our cat approaches us and makes us feel like a servant. Everything feels special about them, and feline lovers are always mesmerized by their natural traits.

One such trait, apart from mewing and screaming, is yowling. Nothing can be more soothing than the moment when your cat snuggles into your blanket, lying against your skin. Its mews and purrs always melt our hearts. But why does it yowl? Why is it louder and longer than the normal mews? What is our dear feline trying to say? Well, let’s find out!! 

1) Feed me hooman!!  

Unlike dogs, cats are quieter and calmer as pets and prefer to be in their own space, both mentally and physically. Sometimes they mew, and also purr, clearly indicating that they enjoy our company. But Yowling is a completely different expression of feeling. One of the key reasons that our furry felines yowl is because they are simply hungry! Give the fact that they have a very high metabolism, they require food very frequently. Cat owners usually set a proper time table for various activities of their cats, feeding is one of them. But sometimes, despite the schedule, the cat is too hungry and wants that we fulfill its demand. Yowling in such situations is an indication, a command of sorts, where it tells us to feed it. Failing to do so would ruin their mood further and they would develop resentment against their owners.


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2) I know I am awesome, but I need your attention!!

Cats are commonly known to proud and dominant. They are lovers of space, and any interference in their privacy annoys them. However, despite all the pride, they also love to cuddle and gather your attention towards them. Normally, they would mew, or merely come and sit next to you or on your lap and enjoy the petting. But there are moments, when they may be in a bad mood, and require you to love them more than usual. For example, if they see you playing with another cat or dog, they might feel offended and would then want you to come back to them. Cats like to have ownership over us, and they feel upset if it is hampered in any way. Thus, they resort to yowling in such situations, clearly wanting you back in their territory, making sure you understand the fact that you have upset them and have to love them more to make it up to them!

3) Ooh, Lala, I am aroused!!

One of the main reasons for cats to yowl, that humans fail to notice, is sexual arousal. This is the case especially seen in un-neutered cats. There are seasons or phases where felines are aroused and have the urge to mate. When owners take their cats out for a walk, they notice that their cat sees another cat on the street, and yowls loudly, accompanied by stiffening of their bodies in a particular posture. With their heads low and butts up, they try and call out to other felines, indicating that they are indeed ready to mate. Those people who have single cats at home find it difficult to meet this particular demand of their cat. Therefore, people prefer to have neutered cats as pets, making it easier for them to handle this particular difficulty!!


4) I am bored! Bring me new gifts and toys!!

Felines have a very short attention span for things. They may be playing with their favorite toy for a while, and the next thing you see is that they throw it and move away because something else has caught their attention. High curiosity levels accompanied by a low attention span is indeed a challenge for cat owners. This is when cats tend to yowl loudly, letting you know that they are bored, and need you to entertain them with new toys and things. Cats also have a high level of anxiety, so the next time you hear your cat yowling, it could be doing so because something has made it very anxious. It could be a sudden gathering of people around them or the presence of another animal in its vicinity.


5) I am not well hooman, please love me!!

Whenever felines mew or yowl, they are trying to talk to us, trying to convey what they feel or think. One of the reasons could also be illness or pain of some kind. There is a high chance that something is not right with them, either health-wise or mood-wise. The best way to figure it out is a visit to the vet. That way, parents can make sure that nothing is wrong with the health of their little furry friends. Sometimes, an internal health issue could irritate them and make them yowl, wanting you to pay attention and solve it for them. It is, therefore, necessary for parents to regularly take cats for medical check-ups to avoid any illness and problems of any kind.


6) I don’t agree with this, hooman, pay heed to my opinions!!

Cats tend to show resentment and opinions about many things in their parents’ lives. It could be the people that the owners meet or the things that they may bring in the house. Cats are very strong-headed animals and make sure that they voice their concern over something that they don’t feel is right. For example, if you bring a new armchair in the house, and your cat does not like (approve) it, then you are in trouble. Your cat will yowl and hiss until you do not understand what it wants from you (basically to throw the chair out). Also, if a new person walks into the house and if your cat disapproves of their presence, it will go back to its hiding space and yowl loudly, bringing to your attention its resentment over the new person.

Felines pretend to be very sweet, cute, and naïve animals. But they are one of the sharpest and cleverest creatures ever! Even though they cannot communicate as smoothly as humans, they make sure they are heard and their demands are met. If you offend it, you are in for a nightmare of a day, dear hooman!!


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