Is Your Puffy cat Dandruffy? Everything about Cat Dandruff you should know

Is Your Puffy cat Dandruffy? Everything about Cat Dandruff you should know

jIs your puffy friend suffering from dandruff? You can stand your gruffy cat but not a dandruff-y cat, is it? Then don’t let her get through this rough because she has dandruff! Alright, enough of -uffy words, now let’s dig into your cat’s fur.

What exactly is cat dandruff?

Although veterinarians term it medically as “seborrheic dermatitis”, let’s keep it simple as “dandruff”. It is the dried, white flaky material that falls off your cat’s skin especially in the areas under her tail and on her head. This is usually accompanied by greasy hair. 

Dander Vs Dandruff

Well, there is another aspect of a cat’s life - Dander. Your furry feline friend may naturally shed her hair. These are dead skin cells and some dried saliva. This is also the reason behind people sneezing and wheezing while near some allergic things. This is a normal part of a cat’s life that will make her healthier.

Whereas dandruff is not a good or healthy sign. It points to some underlying health issues or skin diseases.

Symptoms to confirm that your cat has dandruff

1.     Hair loss
2.     Itching
3.     Frequent grooming
4.     Skin redness
5.     Other signs of abnormality 

What are the major causes of cat dandruff?

Following are few common reasons for your kitty’s dandruff
1.     Fungal Infections
2.     Excessively dry or oily skin
3.     Allergies
4.     Diabetes and obesity
5.     Dehydration and Improper diet

How to prevent your cat from getting dandruff?

Firstly, treat her externals properly. Groom her at proper intervals. Bathing and cleaning her regularly will help her dander frequently. This solves most of the confusion and complication, as you’d be able to spot any dandruff easily. 
Secondly, treat her internally. Supply with sufficient, hydrated food and remember to plan her diet according to her age, season, and health. This will help you reduce the probability of her getting dandruff.
Thirdly, regular vet checkups will help you monitor her health and if she is vulnerable to any issue.


How to treat cat dandruff?

Well, it is your furry feline’s skin that has got the strike. So, you need to use proper cat shampoo and cat body oil, to keep her away from dryness and infections. Cat creams are also essential to maintain her skin’s health.
In case her dandruff doesn’t subside after taking these measures, consult with your vet to find out if there is some skin issue that is bothering her.
Let your cat get gruffy and not dandruff-y anymore! Hope this post helped you in your cattying…  Kudos and cat cheers… 😊


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