Is Your Cat Staring at You? What It Means in Cat Language

Is Your Cat Staring at You? What It Means in Cat Language

Cat staring at you or another pet or an object is a usual thing that you may have noticed. In fact, if you had ever run into a string competition with your fluffy feline, you are most likely to lose against her strong stare.



So, what in the world does a cat’s stare mean?

Well, cats are not blessed like us to talk out their mind or feelings. So, body language comes to their rescue, and staring is an important part of this regime. While it is natural for your cat to stare and express her feelings, you might want to decode what she intends to convey to you.

Here are a few perks on why your cat might stare. You can find the reason if you carefully observe their body language while staring at you.

Staring = Showing Affection

If your cat is staring at you while cuddling or other instances when she is displaying a happy cat body language then she is expressing her love to you. If she is blinking slowly and has a relaxed, loose body language then it is safe to assume that she is displaying her affection to you.

Staring = Feeling hungry


Sometimes, your cat may be hungry if you have forgotten to feed her. Note if she is near her food station or feeding bowl while staring at you. It means that she is saying, “I am hungry, please feed me!” through her eye contact.

Staring = Fearful

If she is staring at you with her dilated pupils, crouched or tucked in tail under her, then it means she is probably scared of something. Or if she is hidden somewhere, under your furniture or cushion. This means she is fearful and staring for rescue.

Staring = Agitated

Your feline friend may be wagging her tail left to right and her ears are erect and to the sides, which means she is upset or angry about something. It could be a new thing or pet or a person. She wants to convey her feelings to you about this change.


So, do not worry about your cat staring anymore. Coz the above guide will help you understand her and respond accordingly. Happy cat parenting… with your star-y puffy cat!

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