Is It a Cat Food Allergy or Intolerance?

Is It a Cat Food Allergy or Intolerance?

Food allergy is a commonly used term that anyone might know. But in a cat's diet what is food allergy and food intolerance? Are they both one and the same?

Any “Adverse food reaction” is called a food allergy/intolerance in general. But the two terms are not the same. Although they are interchangeably used, they do not mean the same. Here is the difference

Food Allergy:

When your feline develops an allergic reaction to a certain type of food, it means that the immune system of your cat has misinterpreted some protein in the food to be a pathogen. So, it will start creating antibodies to fight off the proteins from the cat’s body.
You may see that your cat is vomiting, not eating properly and if this is left untreated, it may also become fatal. Food allergies could be life-threatening.

Food intolerance:

As the name suggests, when your cat can’t tolerate the food or digest it properly, it becomes intolerant. So, this has to do with the digestive system rather than the immune system. This is why it is not a terminal thing to worry about.
This also shows signs of vomiting, rashes, excessive scratching, loss of fur due to that action, gas, diarrhea, chronic ear problems, and other undesirable symptoms. 

What causes these?

The type of food and its ingredients is the reason behind these food reactions of your cat. But sometimes, vaccines and medicines may also lead to such side effects or sudden development of allergic reactions to certain foods.
Based on research and observation, avoiding the below foods to your cat will keep her away from such food reactions
  1. Fish, Beef
  2. Chicken
  3. Wheat
  4. Corn
  5. Dairy products
  6. Lamb

It is widely recommended to avoid the above in your cat diet. But for specific and accurate inputs on this, you may have to consult with the vet explaining your observations of her food reactions.


As a cat parent you know that, every cat is different and what works for one, may not work for all. Find the food plan of ‘your cat’. Kudos…Cat cheers… 😊


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