Is Cat Snoring normal?

Is Cat Snoring normal?

Is your cute cat snoring worrying you? Is your cat suddenly snoring now? Does your cat always snore? 
Well, cat snoring is quite normal for some breeds of cats, and for other breeds, it is considered a normal sleep cycle effect if it is not accompanied by any other alarming symptoms. Let us check this out in detail.

Why will a cat snore? 5 Main reasons

  1. Brachycephalic breed: If you have a Persian, Himalayan, or Burmese breed they are genetically carrying this snoring habit. It is because of their shortened face bones that they cannot breathe easily without snoring.
  2. Illness: Any respiratory illness such as asthma or some unnoticed infection in the respiratory tract can lead to snoring habits.
  3. Overweight: Just like us, if cats become overweight it will become difficult for them to breathe due to increased pressure on the nasal tract and it may cause snoring.
  4. Sleeping position: If your cat sleeps in a strange position due to its inexplicable flexibility, it will snore.
  5. Presence of obstruction: If there is any plastic or glass particle or some foreign object in their nasal path by chance, it will lead to snoring. 

When is cat snoring normal?

If your cat has been snoring from day one but is completely active and healthy otherwise, then it is normal. But if she has started snoring suddenly one day, it may be because of deep sleep after a long day for her.
In case this sudden snoring habit continues, then depending on the above reasons and your observations, you may be able to deduce the cause and correct it yourself if necessary.

For example, you will know if your cat is heavy. In that case, you should give her the right diet to lose her excess weight which will save her from many health issues. But if it's due to sleeping position, she will stop snoring when she sleeps in another position.

When is cat snoring abnormal?

If your cat snores and shows symptoms like coughing, sneezing, breathlessness, agitation, or any other sign of allergy then it is something to be worried about. Take her to the vet and get her checked thoroughly.

What exactly should you do when your cat snores?

Observe your cat snoring properly. If you can find the exact reason for her snoring, correct it by giving her a proper diet and exercise. If it still continues, definitely visit your vet.


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