Introducing Kittens to Your Other Resident Cats

Introducing Kittens to Your Other Resident Cats

One of the important cat rituals is getting her used to anything new. Starting from a piece of new furniture at your home to a new person to accommodate. Some cat parents say, “You are most welcome if my cat does like you enough!”. Either you have said this or heard it from a cat-fanatic. But the fact is, pussy cats are finicky in almost everything. So, homing a new pet is no exception.



Let me tell you how to smoothly onboard a new kitty while there is one already at your home.

Step 1: Dedicated cat space

You do not want them to fight for territories of their own. So, make sure that you have created separate spaces for each of them so that they feel secure and safe.



Step 2: Scent swapping

Once they are both individually set in their routine, it’s time to introduce their scent to each other. It is like a handshake for humans. You can do this “scent handshake” by exchanging their beds or letting them use the bathroom after one another. This way, they will know and get used to each other’s scent. It is a way of helping them to accept each other smoothly.

Step 3: Establishing the visual connect

Now it’s time for the actual visual introduction. Do not be surprised if it was not a warm welcome. Be happy if they do not fight! Yeah, after seeing each other face to face they may not be very comfortable right away. So, get ready for the show. But don’t worry, your previous homework should help you.



Step 4: Rock and roll and play

Finally, after a few days of meeting each other, you can start to play. Let them play with each other and then slowly you can feed them together. Take them out together and yay! You have successfully introduced a new resident pet to your other cat.



Happy homing cats… J

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