How to prepare yourself for  your kitten's first Vet?

How to prepare yourself for your kitten's first Vet?

Cool, do not worry when you are prepping up your kitty for her first vet visit. You have done half the part if you have prepared your kitty already for her vet visit.

Deciding the vet

So, first things first, let me give you a checklist on how to decide on the vet if you are a new cat parent.

  • The clinic is near your home, if far then it should not be a long drive or inaccessible

  • Records of other pets are maintained properly and up to date

  • The ambiance of the clinic is welcoming, neat, and clean

  • The vet and other staffs are hospitable

  • Consultation and other charges are under your budget

  • Any personal reference or recommendation from your friends/relatives/acquaintances.

Fixing an appointment

After deciding on the vet, call them up, fix an appointment based on their procedure. Not all clinics entertain phone booking. While confirming the appointment, ask them if you need to bring anything with your kitten.

Some clinics may ask for her stool sample or leave her stomach empty after the night before appointment day. You may use litter boxes to collect her stool samples.

Leaving from your home

Along with the training of your kitten in the carrier and all the friendly car rides you took her you must have got practiced to transport her in your car. So, drive safely to the vet, and here is another checklist of things to carry with you, before you leave for the vet

  • The paper where you have written your doubts/questions

  • Health Record Book of your kitty, if you have one which was given to you while adopting

  • Your cat treats like her favorite toys and food, do not forget catnips

  • SMS or any acknowledgment of the appointment

Visiting the Vet

What should you expect while you are at the vet? What happens while examining your kitty at the vet?

The veterinarian will check your cat physically from head to tail for any abnormalities. He will examine her mouth, ears, and eyes with lighted instruments. He may touch her to feel the lymph nodes, joints and to check her skin. He would check the sound of the heartbeat. He may palpate the abdomen with both hands to feel other internal organs. He may as well watch your kitty walk a few steps to make sure she doesn’t have any disability.

In case, there is nothing to be worried about, he will tell you the basic steps and answer your confusion of whether the kitty is he or she! Then, you need to only grab her and put her back in your car. 

But make sure you have asked all your doubts and followed all the instructions from the vet. Do not forget to ask them about your next visit. As per your convenience and doctor’s advice, you may schedule your next visit and Bingo! You have successfully now accomplished the vet mission 😊 Fur-rey Hurrey….


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