How to Make a Kitten Poop

How to Make a Kitten Poop

Are you stuck at yet another cross junction with your kitty? She is a baby now, growing up to become a cute cat. So are you, a new cat parent with a newborn cat. But now, are you struggling to make her poop and clueless on how to do it?



Pooping and peeing are natural processes that occur with all animals. Whereas few animals may need assistance to do it initially. In the case of cats, their mommies indeed train them to litter properly. They are stimulated by her. This way, the kitty’s pooping time and the place is controlled by her mom cat.

It is because this protects the kitty from predators and insecure littering spots. This happens until the newborn kitty is at least more than three weeks older.



So, here is a quick guide to making your little kitty poop

Guide to make your kitten poop

1.Feed her tummy full, with a milk bottle preferably made of soft rubber

2.Keep a light-colored soft cloth that is warm and damp ready

3. Now hold her belly in your palm, but not very tight, and rub her abdomen gently with the warm cloth. Move your fingers through the cloth in a circular motion.

This will mimic her mommy cat bathing action, by licking and stimulating her to poop

1.Now wait till she pees; she should pee under a minute or two

2.Then gently give a circular stroke around her anus. This will instigate her to poop. Continue doing it till she eliminates her litter completely.

3.Then, gently wipe with warm water and do not use soap! As this may irritate her skin



Here are some additional tips to smoothening this process

Be patient throughout. Give time for her to poop and pee, wait for her to eliminate it fully so that the job is done.

It is usually recommended to note her poop color at least in these initial stages so that you can keep an eye on her health and attend to her at the earliest in case of any issue.

Healthy kitties, poop in brown color with a toothpaste-like consistency. Any observation that is not in line with this means you should take her to the vet.

Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning up her anus. You need to make sure that you have disinfected with a suitable hand wash or liquid. This way you are protecting yourself and your cute kitten from infections.

Wash the cloth used to wipe her anus and massage her rear. Keep them in a separate place.

Happy cattying… Happy cat parenting… 😊

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