How to Keep Your Cat Active and Cool During the Summer?

How to Keep Your Cat Active and Cool During the Summer?

“No, I want to lay down on my same favorite sunny spot only”, is this what is your cat pet fighting with you on a summer eve adding to the heat of an argument? Ha Ha… welcome to the club of cat parents of finicky cats…. :)

Being a caring cat parent, you don’t want to heat up your cat fur by allowing her to stay in the hot spot now. So, here are the top 5 tips to keep your cat cool as well as active this summer… get set for the cat camp now!

1. Pussy cat to Icy cat

Turn your cat’s curiosity around by dicing more ice cubes into her play. It's time to brace up this summer with a cool spot for your feline friend to look out for. You can also try some cooling mats and add ice packs in her bed, to give her a cool sleep.

2. Use damp towel

While you bathe her or clean her, use a wet towel. This makes a lot of difference and can significantly help in refreshing her. This will also avoid the accumulation of dirt and keeps her skin moister.

3. Give her plenty of water

Supply her with plenty of freshwaters. Keep a bowl of freshwater or a designated feeder bottle for her replenished with freshwater. This way you can keep her hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

4. Frequent grooming

Even humans increase their usual grooming hours during summer (if you notice). We bathe twice, change our dresses at least twice a day. Similarly, our feline friends also need to be brushed and groomed frequently throughout the day. At least twice, once in the morning and then in the evening is recommended.

Alternatively, you can choose to groom her after a towel bath post-playing and then before she goes to bed. 

5. Changes in her surroundings

Add or remove things in her surroundings that will keep her away from the heatwaves. For example, changing her bed cover once in 2-3 days will be good to keep her cleaner. You can also add a cool small fan near her place so that your furry friend will get more air moving on her.

A Bonus Pro Tip

Alter her diet according to summer. Try to add more watery ingredients to her diet. You can try to add more wet food in her food routine over the dry counterparts. It will also help her system cope with easy digestion.

There you go! You are now set to keep your calm cat cooler this summer… cool, correct? Well, literally yes 😊 Kudos to cool cats and cool cat parents… as you always are :P


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