How to Help Your Anxious Cat?

How to Help Your Anxious Cat?

“Woah, I didn’t know you could do this to me!”, you are exclaiming at your cat’s most unexpected behavior perhaps. So, this time she surprised you with a jumpy move or another unnecessary angry look. Your adorable anxious cat is all set now.

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Let us make sure that our conclusion is correct. So, look out for the following signs in your feline friend

  1. Aggressive or destructive behavior
  2. Hiding and withdrawing from things/people
  3. Not using litter box correctly
  4. Excessive meowing
  5. Trembling

These are some important signs which show that your cat is anxious, meaning she is sensing some danger or threat ahead. So, to help her out of this, let's crack the reasons and hence the solutions

1. Cat separation 

If you have newly adopted her from a shelter, then the fact that she is away from her owner is the reason for anxiety. She is feeling vulnerable in a new atmosphere with a new person. She will get over this as soon as you bond with her.

2. Vet visit

Sometimes, after the first vet visit, cats are anxious. After witnessing injections, other pets, and a new environment, they feel they are in some danger. So, get her diverted with some interesting toys or an outdoor walk that they will enjoy

3. Change in routine/surroundings

Recall if you have brought any new person or bought any new things into the house. Sudden change can stress them out. Therefore, keep them away from new things or remove the new things from their site and slowly get them used to these.
Other ways of helping her through this phase are by, comforting her, being affectionate and friendly, not punishing her, and letting her wander freely without restricting the movements.

Despite all of these efforts, if you’re still unable to get her anxiety down, you should visit the vet. Coz anxiety can at times shadow her illness. It may be some health issue that is causing her anxiety. There are anti-anxiety meds too for cats. Therefore, visit the vet to help her better.


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