How to Approach a Scared Kitten?

How to Approach a Scared Kitten?

I am sure you are puzzled looking at your kitten’s unusual movements now. If you are a seasoned cat parent, by now you would be able to make out if your cat is feeling scared or insecure. But for the new cat owners, it may be difficult to differentiate an anxious cat from a scared cat.

So, here are few signs that tell you whether your feline is scared or not:
  1. Hiding and running away is an obvious sign that they are fearful
  2. Arching their back and puffing up their fur means they are being very cautious due to fear
  3. Tucking their tail underneath themselves or swaging it sideways
  4. Widely open eyes with bug pupils in a circle or oval shape
  5. Pooping outside the litter box

With these when you can be sure that your kitty is fearful. 

How to approach your scared kitten?

First off, you should not make her more panicky. So, do not try to chase her and leave her alone for some time. Do not force her to play or go out if she is not willing to. Since you want to help her, you should know the cause. Why is your cat scared? What is she scared of?

Well, there are multiple reasons why a cat may be fearful. Let us look into the most probable ones and how to approach your cat that is scared due to these reasons.

1. New surroundings

If you have just brought the kitten from another owner or you are homing a stray kitten, this is a new atmosphere for her. So, she will take time to feel secure in the new place. Just chill and let her be. She should feel better with time.

2. Change in the existing routine

As we know that felines are finicky and sensitive, you may want to stick to the usual routine. Any sudden change will make her feel insecure. It could be a new kid, another pet, or even your guest. 

So, try to change things slowly with her. You can confine her in space and keep only familiar things in the room. This way she will get rid of the fear.

3. She was poorly socialized

In case your cat is feeling scared, it is because she was not socialized enough during her childhood. So, it will take time for her to feel secure around people.

Try to build a bond with her that will make her understand that you will protect her. Beware to not overdo your care, which may further scare her. She may become overprotective and start attacking too. Therefore, maintain a safe distance and just try to play with her. Lure her to outdoor walks.

4. She is sick

If your cat doesn’t fall in any of the above boxes, it means that she is perhaps suffering from a sickness. She is worried and scared of her health.

So, take her to the vet and remember to convey any other changes you may have noticed in her diet or her general behavior.
Cat cheers…😊


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