How Do You Determine a Cat’s Sex?

How Do You Determine a Cat’s Sex?

Cat owners… sorry, cat parents always are sensitive like their kitties when someone addresses their favorite fur-ball as “it”. They would insist on calling the cat by his/her name or use “he/she” in its place. “It is a pet” for others, while “He/she is the new world” for a cat fanatic.

So, this pricey pronoun can be used only after identifying who the little kitty is. Is that a He or She? Let me tell you how to decide the gender/sex of a cat.

There are three ways to do it, as follows:

Their private part

So, carefully lift the kitten and lift her tail. The first opening is the anus and below that is her genital. If it is a vertical slit, the kitten is a pretty girl. But if the second opening is round in shape, then it is a handsome “he”.

So, the female genitals will look like “I” or an inverted exclamation mark. While the male part will look like a “:'' colon. Once he matures, you will be able to find his penis hanging out.

CAT CAUTION: While you are trying to check the private parts, be careful to not stress them out. Especially when you are lifting them from their mommy cat, who may get wild at you for grabbing her child without her consent.

Color of the cat

This is not a promising method to determine gender. But with lesser accuracy, you can guess. Generally, females tend to have a tricolor/tortoiseshell coat appearance whereas orange-colored or ginger-cats are mostly males. 

The cat’s behavior

HE will start roaming more and wanting to hang out in the outdoors more often as he grows. He may also keep spraying often to mark his territory.  Whereas SHE will become attention-seeking, giving our loud meowing. These are call-outs given by them due to their sexual maturity.

But if they have been neutered before they grew old, they may not show these behavioral changes.

How is a cat’s gender important?

Except for knowing it to help your cat stay healthy, there is no specific benefit/necessity to identify the gender. It is a myth that male cats are found to be friendlier than females. Like humans, every cat has a personality.

So, let’s start building our gender equality grounds from the cats and kittens. Happy cat parenting…Kudos…. 😊


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