Have more fun with your cat when you are stuck alone.

Have more fun with your cat when you are stuck alone

Do you need some company? Feeling bored? Then let us find a companion for you. Meowww… your feline friend is here. All you need is a little love and a cat.

Friendly Felines are the best ever companions in the world. A lonely person can forget his or her loneliness just by looking at a cat. They bring us much delight and joy. Cats have a paw-sitive effect on our minds.

Just imagine that while you are sitting on your own, something soft and warm comes to you and gets in between your feet or climbs your lap and purrs at you. You couldn’t resist cuddling that soft, friendly furry companion to make you feline better!!

Cats are so adaptable as well as versatile that we don’t have to worry about its schedules or even feeding it. They are those bewitching little devils who are lazy and don’t mind if you let them doze off during any time of the day. Even when they wake up, they are not ferociously demanding. Just cuddle them and they follow you everywhere. The sheer presence of a furry ball of a cat makes you fur-tastic.


1)  I love meow!! 

Cats are the most amazing companions for you,when the whole world shuts the doors on you. Cats are incredibly loving and are very independent Cats help humans overcome loneliness, depression, anxiety, and much more. Ironically, though they need less attention as pets, they pay us all the attention when we need it. A furry companion is always paw-some.


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2) Cats are supportive 

Some studies indicate that having a cat as a pet is a lifesaver that is good for the health and longevity of life. You know that you can actually talk to a cat when no one is around. The furry ball can listen to you patiently and never judge you like others. Hey, isn’t it better to talk to a cat than visiting a psychologist? Well, a quiet cat or an energetic one is entirely your choice. Feeling paw-tastic already? 


3) Tranquil mate Vs Extrovert kitty-

An adult cat is an excellent choice for the elderly alone people as they become good companions and are generally less active as compared to a young kitten. Elderly people are at home most of the time and who else, but a cute, lazy little cat is their best company. Since both of them are devoid of any activities they can spend hours sitting together enjoying the solitude in each other’s company.

In contrast to a quiet, softball, a more outgoing and extrovert cat may be just the thing you need to brighten your mood. An adventurous, more confident, and cutely playful cats are excellent and purr-fect family pets. You can play hide-n-seek or fetch or give her a ball of wool and enjoy the idiotic actions of the cat which are simply adorable.

4) Meowing away negativity

The Internet also makes us smile through adorable and funny cat videos. If you are alone and have a dull feeling nagging, then pick up your kitty mug, pour in some tea, and watch the most outrageously funny cat videos online. These videos are capable of removing any negative feelings inside you and filling you up with paw-sitivity.

Cats are stress busters. Having a cat is like having a walking, and meowing, a very sassy, stress reliever. Cats can relieve stress in several ways by merely being there for us. When you’ve had a hard day and feel lonely in your heart, spend some time petting a fuzzy feline. It can work wonders by reducing your stress levels, decreasing your blood pressure, and normalizing your anxiety levels. Now that’s the healing power of a purr!!

5) Lonely and Want cuddles?

Cats have a unique feline behavior to demonstrate their love and affection to us. They will blink their eyes or flip their tail or purr at you or even rub their bodies with you and sometimes just a soft meow. How adorable! 

6) Mental health upkeep - Cats are here to help.

Those people with mental health issues often feel alone. They think that they do not belong to this lively place called earth. But with a cat around, all those warm cuddles and purring and rubbing and meowing will improve your lonely state and offer the best companionship.

Cats are indeed very therapeutic to humans. Having a cat can help people with a feeling of loneliness, by providing them with a purpose. Imagine a cat reacting to you, relying on you, and loving you unconditionally, can elevate your emotional state of loneliness. As soon as you have attached yourself with your feline wonder, the cute kitty will offer you predictability, much-needed encouragement, and lots of good energy to bounce back to life.

7) Lone humans and happier cats

Research on humans and cats has shown that humans are less open-minded, less warm, and can be very unfriendly when we want to be. Sounds more like a neurotic, right? We are more inclined to experience negative emotions and try to suppress them, making our lives less happy as well as less satisfied. The brighter side of this research lie cats, the feline wonders, who are the happy-go-lucky kind of animals as they bring the much-needed happiness, support, and joy in our lives.

 While our feline friends may not be suitable for our furniture, they are outstanding enough to provide some contribution to our physical and mental health.

A study also shows that the cat owners have better psychological health than people without pets. In a survey, they claim to feel happier, more confident, and less nervous and can sleep, help to focus, and thus face problems in their lives better.

It is one of the best bones to pick on our canine friends.

Cats are very loving and affectionate. Though they are infamous for being aloof and headstrong, every cat has a unique personality. All cats are born with different adorable idiosyncrasies. Backed up by various studies, we now know that cats help our mental health by being themselves. They can reduce stress, offer great companionship, heal us with purrs, and serve as therapy animals, ergo making them the ideal champions for mental health. 

So the next time when you are alone and your cat rubs its body against you, pick her up and give her that loving pat to thank her for playing a role of a BFF in your life.



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