Does Your Cat's Belly Hang Low? Here is why

Does Your Cat's Belly Hang Low? Here is why

Is your cat’s belly sagging? Do you see your cat’s belly hanging low and predominant? 

I bet you are worried that she is obese. But wait, don’t jump to conclusions. Let’s confirm it with some facts.
Firstly, aged cats tend to have a low-hanging belly. In fact, you may not have noticed your cat’s sagging belly until recently. That is because she developed it due to aging. 
Secondly, what you see may not be a real belly. That is, the anatomy of your cat is such that it has a “Primordial pouch”, it is a sack that protects your cat’s belly.

What is a Primordial pouch and why is it necessary?

It is a skin flap, located in the rear of the cat’s stomach. Experts believe that this pouch serves many purposes. It offers protection to the sensitive cat belly from wear and tears when the catfights against other animals. 
It also increases stretchability helping the cats to take long strides. It is also speculated that these pouches are meant to store food. We all know that the cat family has wild ancestry. So, it is plausible that these pouches are designed to store their food until they get their meal, which they won’t know when.

So, is your low-hanging cat’s belly actually a belly or a primordial pouch?

Look for the below signs to confirm whether your cat is obese or it's her innate pouch that looks like a belly.
If you note that her belly is swinging sideways then it is her pouch that is jiggling. You can also do the “rib test”, feel her side and check if you are able to touch her ribs immediately. If you can feel the ribs, then your cat is not obese. The sagging bag is her pouch.

Also, there are some cat breeds that have evident primordial pouch hanging. Mostly pure-breeds like Egyptian Mau, Japanese Bobtail, Pixie Bob, and the Bengal Cat are few of them.

If your cat falls in any of these categories then it is nothing to be worried about. Otherwise, your cat is perhaps obese, and it's time to fix your vet appointment. Carry the cat to her vet and Kudos to more cattying.... :D


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